Friday, June 10, 2016

Lion Magazine

Lion was a weekly British comics periodical magazine published by Fleetway (a subsidiary of IPC, the International Publishing Corporation) from 23 February 1952 to 18 May 1974. It lasted for 1,156 issues. Lion Magazine was a weekly boys’ adventure comic designed to compete with Eagle, the popular weekly comic that had introduced Dan Dare. Lion’s first issue contained a mix of text stories and comic strips.
Tanguy Laverdure comic also has been translated and published in English in the British comic magazine Lion between April (#730) and September (#753) 1966 under the title The Flying Furies. The main characters were renamed with English names, Tanguy became Jim Power and Laverdure Terry Madden. There was an annual published in 1973 with the title The Aeronauts, the same title as the TV series received in Britain. This annual was a slightly edited compilation of two original albums, 11. Destination Pacifique and 12. Menace sur Mururoa, and used the characters' French names.


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  1. Aree waah...aap tho asali ustaad hai (roughly translated to English to read " truly are a whiz") FLYING FURIES was a comic which I had been searching for a long time now. In fact. the description given above- is from the wikipedia entry which i myself had submitted sometime back. Never in my lifetime did i think that i would be able to read this work. kudos. And hope you can soon upload the missing volumes 735 to 739. keeping fingers crossed

  2. I was just re-reading the whole Lion magazines. I see that this publication was that of Fleetway. Fleetway creations like Steelclaw, Spider, Barracuda & Frollo enjoyed huge popularity in Idnia during the Seventies- with many of the titles being translated to Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu (Indian languages). While Telgu and Malayalam comics have now become out-of print- old issues in Tamil still continue to be reprinted under the banner- Lion- Muthu. I would like to read PAYMENT IN DEATH (Barracuda and Frollo) which was published in India as FLIGHT 731 and also the first Steel Claw Adventure. Recently I also had the fortune of interviewing the person who translated all these works to Malayalam- Mr. Kannadi Viswanathan. Pity we still dont know who actually wrote Barracuda and Frollo