Saturday, July 23, 2016


1863 in the United States, in full Civil War. Such a lost enclave in the state of Indiana, a small community was established by a group of men and women who wishes to live a bold experiment. Everyone shares his property, but the "Fraternity" community - so called because the values ​​on which this model of micro society rests - is a delicate balance. Soon there are dissensions, especially after the integration of a young boy found in the nearby forest full. A "monster" has even been seen at the time of his capture, a creature that seemed to watch over him. Later, a group of soldiers on the run arrives in the community increasingly divided. A tragic story and sensitive of great strength. 
1863 in full Civil War. Located in the State of Indiana, the small community of New Fraternity is increasingly difficult to enforce its shared ideals and equality. Lack of food and tensions are beginning to affect the delicate balance of this micro-society that lives apart from the world. Not to mention the threats that come from outside, such as this group of deserters who just ask. Scenario: Juan Díaz Canalès. Design: Jose-Luis Munuera. Fraternity.


Fraternity 01 (of 02) (2011) (Dragonz-Sosich-DMT).cbz | 38 MB | LINK:
Fraternity 02 (of 02) (2011) (Dragonz-Sosich-DMT).cbz | 28 MB | LINK:


Fraternity Livre 1-2.cbr | 43 MB | LINK:
Fraternity Livre 2-2.cbr | 54 MB | LINK:

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