Saturday, October 22, 2016


Djinn is a Franco-Belgian comics series written by Jean Dufaux and illustrated by Ana Mirallès. The story is an adult adventure-thriller and deals with themes of sexuality and colonial politics. The first four volumes make up the "Ottoman Cycle" while the following five comprise the "Africa Cycle". The "Indian Cycle", planned for four volumes, started 2010 with the volume "Le Pavillon des Plaisirs".
A young Englishwoman, Kim Nelson, travels to Istanbul in search of information about her grandmother Jade. In the years before World War I, Jade had been the favourite of the "Black Sultan", and ordered by him to seduce an English diplomat, Lord Nelson, in order to alter Turkey's influence in European politics. Kim's story and that of her grandmother are revealed in tandem, in a Europe where sexual and political allegiances are constantly shifting.


Djinn T01 - The Favorite (Dargaud 1998) (andi anta).cbr | 51.54MB | LINK:
Djinn T02 - The Thirty Bells (Dargaud 2002) (JJ - Dragonz) (1).cbr | 24.98MB | LINK:
Djinn T03 - The Tattoo (Dargaud 2003) (JJ - Dragonz) (1).cbr | 25.51 MB | LINK:
Djinn T04 - The Treasure (Dargaud 2004 ) (JJ - Dragonz) (fixed).cbr | 26.60MB | LINK:
Djinn T05 - Africa (Dargaud 2005) (JJ - Dragonz).cbr | 25.25MB | LINK:
Djinn T06 - The Black Pearl (Dargaud 2006) (JJ D&M) (scanlation).cbr | 24.90MB | LINK:
Djinn T07 - Pipiktu (Dargaud 2007) (JJ D&M) (scanlation).cbr | 23.83MB | LINK:
Djinn T08 - Fevers (Dargaud 2008) (JJ) (translation).cbr | 21.77MB | LINK:
Djinn T09 - The Gorilla King (Dargaud 2009) (JJ) (translation).cbr | 29.20MB | LINK:
Djinn T10 - The Pavillion of Lust (Dargaud 2010) (Dragonz) (F).cbr | 41.93MB | LINK:
Djinn T11 - An Eteral Youth (Dargaud 2012) (Dragonz).cbr | 35.10 MB | LINK:
Djinn T12 - A Reclaimed Honour (2014) (O-C-K) | 39.7MB | LINK:
Djinn v13 - Kim Nelson (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 201.40MB | LINK:


Djinn Tome 10 - Le Pavillon des Plaisirs.pdf | 58 MB | LINK:
Djinn Tome 12 Un honneur retrouvé.rar | 105 MB | LINK:


  1. Thanks for the post.Remarkable story telling with beautiful illustrations. Can you please share the link for the 13th part - Djinn 13 Kim Nelson?