Sunday, October 23, 2016


With "Sarah", Christophe Bec is definitely emerging as a high-class writer, able to like a Stephen King in literature to keep the reader in suspense from the first to the last page. Remarkably imaged by Italian Stefano Raffaele, "Sarah" arises immediately as a reference: in the register of fear, never cartoon series had indeed placed as high voltage! A comic by Stefano Raffaele (Illustrator), Christophe Bec (Scenario).
Sarah followed her husband, ranger, in a remote area of ​​Pennsylvania. Their new house is beautiful, but the city of Salamanca is not very welcoming and the people are not more. But isolation does not frighten Sarah, she even seems to need, for a while at least. Time to rebuild, to finish with his inner demons, to break free of traumatic past experiences. To find peace and escape the torment, Salamanca however may not be the ideal place ... In early 2008, Christophe Bec is in top form. After a second volume of Bunker very successful in his way to associate and geopolitical fantastic and opening Deus seeking to revisit the theme of the search for immortality in a context where the death swept by waves, so here is a story of pure horror.


Sarah T01 - The Children of Salamanca [2008] [L169-Koala].cbr | 56.64 MB | LINK:
Sarah T02 - The children of Salamanca.cbr | 127.02 MB | LINK:
Sarah T03 - The Demons of Little Valley (digital-onlyorm).cbr | 25.72 MB | LINK:


Sarah - Tome 3 - Les Démons de Little Valley.cbr | 149 MB | LINK:
Sarah - Intégrale.cbr | 157 MB | LINK:

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