Sunday, November 27, 2016


In a retro futuristic world, a man of strange appearance arrives in a megalopolis. Imposing physique, dress worrying aspect, awkward gait. This man has just left his village for the first time and his first contact with the city is a shock. As it is not expressed, the reason for his trip is a mystery. The only certainty all those he met in town since he died in agony just after having crossed, killed in unexplained circumstances. Bramble. A comic by Jean-David Morvan and Nesmo.


Bramble T01 (03) - Electric Roots (digital-onlyorm).cbr | 101.30MB | LINK:
Bramble T02 (03) (digital) (onlyorm-Empire).cbr | 40.57 MB | LINK:


Ronces - Tome 1 - Racines Électriques.cbr | 26.2 MB | LINK:
Ronces - Tome 2 - Fleurs de Néon.cbr | 22.8 MB | LINK:
Ronces - Tome 3.cbr | 31.42 MB | LINK:

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