Thursday, November 17, 2016

Child of the Storm

Orphaned by lightning. Possessor of an unimaginable strength. Destined for legendary feats. He is the Child of the Storm. Fear the tempest. Writer : Manuel Bichebois, Didier Poli. Art : Manuel Bichebois, Didier Poli, Giulio Zeloni.
A critically-acclaimed start for a comic book series (L’Enfant de l’Orage) from the French creative team of writer Manuel Bichebois and artist Didier Poli about an orphan child possessing great powers. This is a Minutemen scan with translation by Darthscanner (presumably also the original uploader) and lettering by Zack (hence, the "DarthZack" in the filename).


Child of the Storm T01 - Bloodstones (2008) (Minutemen-DarthZack).cbr | 9.85 MB | LINK:
Child of the Storm T02 - Crosspoints of The Winds (2009) (Dragonz-DS-DMT-Sosich-Proletariat).cbr | 28.46 MB | LINK:
Child of the Storm T03 - Haunted By The Storm (2010) (Dragonz-DS-DMT-Sosich-Proletariat).cbr | 27.17 MB | LINK:
Child of the Storm T04 (05) (digital-onlyorm).cbr | 41.68 MB | LINK:
Child of the Storm T05 (05) (Humanoids) (digital-onlyorm).cbr | 44.07 MB | LINK:


L'enfant de l'orage 1. Pierres de sang.rar | 104,31 MB | LINK:

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