Friday, November 25, 2016


In the streets, the Nazi reign of terror. Powerless witnesses of barbarism, two men and a woman trying to survive. One of them is called Pietrolino. It is mime. He knows how to forget the gloom of these dark years only by the magic of his hands. His partner and traveling companion is called Simio. Little man full of resources, but unattractive to the infinite resourcefulness, he is the narrator of this story. A woman Colombella, accompanies reluctantly, punctuating their peregrinations of his continuing disputes with Simio.
The story was written Pietrolino there a decade by Alejandro Jodorowsky at the request of Marcel Marceau, of which he was touring partner in the 50 absence of funding for the wear on stage, the show project was canceled and the manuscript ended up in the drawers of Bruno Lecigne, the publisher Humanoids. The years passed, the text went astray but remained in the memory of the man who spoke to Olivier Boiscommun, very interested in an adaptation. The agreement Jodorowsky and the reappearance of the valuable document then accelerated collaboration between these two figures of comics. The story, told by Simio, companions of Pietrolino begins under Nazi occupation in Paris. To survive, the two men, accompanied reluctantly provocative Colombella, occur in cafes.


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