Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Loving Dead

Love after death. A mysterious virus has turned almost all of humanity into zombies. The survivors, themselves, were all grouped in protected areas. In this macabre and hopeless world, Alan and Lynn, an electrician and a dummy, fall in love and decide to live their love despite the death hit them both. Then began for them a chase against decay that threatens their bodies on the one hand and especially against disinfectors - killers of zombies - that seek to destroy them permanently. The Loving Dead. A comic by Stefano Raffaele.


The Loving Dead 01 - Love After Death (2013) (Digital-Empire).cbr | 48.20 MB | LINK:
The Loving Dead 02 - When All You've Got is Death (2013) (Digital-Empire).cbr | 62.05 MB | LINK:
The Loving Dead 03 - Nothing But Dust (2013) (Digital-Empire).cbr | 76.18 MB | LINK:

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