Thursday, December 29, 2016

Final Incal

The story from the unfinished After the Incal was rewritten to provide a separate narrative for this volume. The story starts after The Incal climax in which John DiFool encountered flowing-beareded divine being named Orh, witnessing a universe-shaking event, hurtling towards certain death in the acid lake. DiFool forgets about the cosmical encounter, and recovers his memory as the universe faces a threat of a metallic virus. The Prezident was cloned in metallic body, equipped with both chemical and brutal weapons, but also altered mind - operating under the influence of the "destroyer of all living things", the Bentacodon (equivalent to The Incal's Black Egg). He unleashed destructive organic virus called the Biophage 13-X with the purpose of forcing the population to abandon their natural bodies in favor of robotic ones.
The only way to counteract is to reunite John DiFool with his true love, Luz de Garra (from Before the Incal), and the Elohim (a force of goodness) makes four John DiFools from different realities to encounter each other on a quest to find her. It is ridiculed the ego of the allegedly evolved guru DiFool and the super-evolved "angelic" DiFool, and the least enlightened DiFool, the ugliest and most craven, is selected to save the universe. In the end, the cosmic humanity managed to become one collective consciousness, as a true love saves from turning into unfeeling metallic beings. Final Incal.


Final Incal Vol. 01 - The Four John Difools (2008) (digital) (Minutemen-Excelsior).cbr | LINK:
Final Incal Vol. 02 - Luz De Garra (2011) (digital-SD) (Minutemen-Excelsior).cbr | LINK:
Final Incal Vol. 03 - Gorgo The Foul (2014) (digital-SD) (Minutemen-Excelsior).cbr | LINK:


Final.Incal.01.rar | 102 MB | LINK:
Final.Incal.02.rar | 123 MB | LINK:
Final Incal - Tome 3 - Gorgo-le-Sale.cbr | 111 MB | LINK:

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