Monday, February 29, 2016

Silas Corey

Detective. Spy. Killer. Hero or crook, it depends on the employer ... April 1917. War is raging throughout France. In Paris, the opposition led by Georges Clemenceau trying to topple the government. Silas Corey Caillaux, former reporter, agent of the 2nd Bureau, detective and adventurer full-time, committed by Clemenceau to find a reporter disappeared. The latter would have collected evidence of the betrayal of the head of government. 
Corey, not content to accept the mission immediately sells its services to the 2nd Bureau and Ms. Zarkoff, industrials armament compromised in the case. With its three salaries, Corey embarked on the track of the reporter, and soon to cross the path of the dreaded spy Aquila, who directs Kaiser's operations in France. The outcome of the war could well depend the outcome of its investigation. But in fact, someone one he knows who Silas Corey really works? Fabien Nury and Pierre Alary, respectively writer of Once upon a time in France and designer of Belladonna, create a diptych with the first character in the class, to arrogance and pleasurable panache, a scoundrel that we already love to hate.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Throne of Clay

The Throne of Clay is a series of history comic taking place during the Hundred Years War. It is a comic series whose first book, The Knight with an ax, was released in 2006. Screenplay: Nicolas Jarry, France Richemond. Drawings: Theo Caneschi. Colours: Lorenzo Pieri.
It depicts the famous period of the Hundred Years War in which France is both torn civil war between Armagnacs and Burgundians and threatened by the English invasion of the kingdom of France, first led by Henry V, then his death, continued by his brother Bedford, regent on behalf of little Henry VI. The action starts in 1418 with the taking of Paris by the Burgundians of John the Fearless and directed, in particular, an important figure of the moment: Tanneguy of Châtel, provost of Paris and member of the Armagnac party. Series that recounts the last part of the Hundred Years War. It begins with Volume 1 in 1418, when Paris fell to the Burgundians and ends with Joan of Arc. France, in 1418, the Kingdom wobbles. The king Charles VI sinks into madness so that Armagnacs and Burgundians tear each other apart in a bloody civil war. English armies besiege the Norman fortresses that are after each other. The Hundred Years War, after some years of truce flares up again and nothing seems to counter the fate that befalls France. Yet the 28 May, a man, Tanneguy of Châtel, forever changed the course of history.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Chimerical Brigade

The Chimerical Brigade is a series of comic that tells why and how all European superheroes disappeared with the Second World War. The scenario is by Serge Lehman and Fabrice Colin, drawing by Gess and colors by Celine Bessonneau. The series is translated into English and published by Titan editor in 2015-2016 under the title The Chimera Brigade. Meanwhile, another spin-off mini-series called The Eye of the night seems to Delcourt: always writer S. Lehman and designed by Gess with a set color Delf, she has three albums and tells the heroic beginnings Theo Sinclair (transposition of the character Leo Sinclair, aka the Night Person, whose authors could not get the rights). The integral Atalante is reissued in a new cover. 
The series is an allegory fantastic (and not an alternate history since the parallel story joined our historical reality in 1939). Born on battlefields 14-18, in the breath gas and X-ray weapons, superheroes have taken over the "gentlemen-vigilantes" of the late xix th  century and the control of large European capitals. The serial writers have made ​​them icons. Scientists are fascinated by their powers. Yet somewhere in the Austrian Alps, a city sprung from nowhere announcing a threat that may erase even the memory of their existence.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Luuna is a series of French comic written by Crisse and designed by Nicolas Keramidas with color by Bruno Garcia. It is published since 2002 by Éditions Soleil. The story of the series is inspired by the North American Indian mythology. 
The young Luuna is the daughter of the great Sachem, Tribe Paumanoks which makes the link between men and gods. During her initiation, she sees afflicted two totems, a wolf white representing good and a black wolf is evil and has the full moon. Accompanied by three Pipintus (geniuses animals that only Paumanoks can see and hear) and other fellow travelers, Luuna trying to join a tribe whose wise should be able to deliver it from its curse.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Cyann cycle

Cyann is the central character of a science fiction graphic novel series, The Cyann Cycle by François Bourgeon. 
As a pandemic fever threatens to kill a good proportion of the males on the planet Olh, Cyann, daughter of the rich aristocrat Lazuli Olsimar, leads an expedition to the planet ilO intent on discovering a cure for the disease. As the search for a cure is brought to an end on ilO, her adventures continue on other planets, beginning with Aldaal, and going on then to Marcade. In the distant future, purple fevers decimated the male population. Cyann Olsimar, daughter of the local dictator, leading an expedition to Ilo, the original planet where she hopes to find an antidote. Anyway, being suspected of murder, he was far better for her to leave. Cyann has many temperament and worship sentence is:"There are not that ass in life".

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Companions of Twilight

The Companions of Twilight is a series of comics on a script, designs and colors of François Bourgeon. 
Driven by chance, Knight takes Mariotte and Anicet in his quest for redemption which he himself can barely feel it. In the first volume, the three companions are asleep in the "wood of the mists" and enter a dream which speaks of strange elves and a Malbête fight. Narrowly, that first dream quest is a success. In the second installment, the wood elves mists call for help companions to deliver Dhuards, kinds of evil monsters who oppress them. Again, most of the story takes place in a dream but as companions foresee, it is not less important and dangerous. The companions finally arrive in the last episode in the town of Montroy where they decide to spend the winter. Dame Neyrelle lord of the castle is not indifferent to the arrival of the Knight in his city and scheming for the companions are housed in the castle.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Passengers of the wind

Passengers of the wind is a series of comic history, the scenario, the drawing and the colors of François Bourgeon. A sequel is published after a gap of 25 years. The young heroine Zabo is the great-granddaughter of Isa (both are actually prénomment "Isabeau"), immersed in the Civil War, between New Orleans and the bayous of Mississippi. The two meet, allowing the author to tell us flashbacks following the adventures of Isa.
This historic fresco which is set in the sea in the xviii th  century, tells the incredible and tragic adventures of Isa. The young heroine, a nobleman whose identity was stolen, meeting on a ship of the Royal Navy Hoel, a boatswain who she saves life. Hoel finds himself trapped in a sinister pontoon English. Helped by his English friend Mary Isa manages to free him. Isa, Mary Hoel and embark on a slave ship, the Maria Carolina, and arrive in Judah Counter Dahomey. Faced with the power and intrigues of African spells, Isa Hoel must fight to cure poisoning. The Marie-Caroline leaves for Santo Domingo with on board the "ebony", that is to say the slaves. They mutinied but their revolt was quelled in a bloodbath. The arrival in Santo Domingo will be key to Hoel and Isa. 

Monday, February 22, 2016


This bande dessinee is created by Scenario: Ange (Anne and Gérard Guero), Drawing: Pierre Alary. 
Nikita at time Musketeers! Between Versailles and Pondicherry, the Court of Miracles at Floating Market, Belladonna mingles historical fact and fiction. 1680. The Minister Louvois created the Secret Room, a clandestine services for the best special agents of the kingdom. Among them, Marie, a young woman expert in weapons and in close combat, stand out. His code name is Belladonna. While it carries a secret mission in the country, serving the minister Louvois, the musketeer Maxime trains for revenge against the one who has attempted, twice in the life of the King. But it ignores the Italian assassin and his master go up the Mary track. Making use of the most vile blackmail, sowing fear and death, they will do everything to recruit into their ranks, and to charge those who made ​​them fail.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Léonard in French, and Leonardo in the Dutch translation, is a Belgian comic series about an eponymous inventor and his assistant. It was created by artist Philippe Liégeois and writer Bob de Groot, better known under their pennames "Turk & De Groot". 
Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, the character first appeared in Achille Talon magazine in 1976 and, when that ended, he moved to Eppo for the Dutch version and Pif gadget for the French. He later appeared in book form and has been drawn by the same duo for over 30 years with a similar number of books. The stories are usually short ones ranging from one to half-a-dozen or so pages, though there have been the occasional full-length adventures. All the albums have been published by Lombard Editions in Brussels, Belgium, and by Dargaud in Paris, France. At least four albums have been translated into English, but all are currently out-of-print. The character name was changed to Leonardo. Titles include "Leonardo is a Genius", Leonardo is Still a Genius", "Leonardo:Non-stop Genius" and "Leonardo: Who is This Guy Anyway".

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Time Brigade

The Time Brigade is a series of comic strip created in 2011 by Bruno Duhamel and Kris in no.3835 of the newspaper Spirou. 
We are in the 30th  century time terrestre. Agent ukroniens calendar is a temporal organization whose purpose is to put in order and correct events in the history of mankind. It was created when the first activities of an opposition group called The Manipulators ukroniens which their goal is to change the course of events in the history of humanity as the victory of Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo where a longer resistance 'Hitler face the Allies. The Packers have a mission to destroy humanity and rebuild it according to their vision. The Kallaghan and Montcalm agents must counter the plans of these criminals before the history of humanity is erased forever. "Our future is in the hands of the past", is the motto in ukroniens agents. Their mission is to protect the history of changes that could cause time travel and, where appropriate, to give it a nearest course possible to the official story, that the future of humanity is not compromised. But it's a dangerous job and losses are sometimes significant. So when the general manager of the control center discovers that Christopher Columbus was killed on landing in America and begins an alternate history in which America is not discovered, it has to straighten the course of the History, as a temperamental agent, under close arrest, and a beginner. A fine team that will have to convince Martin Alonzo Pinzon, second captain of the Columbus expedition to attempt the adventure.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Eric Castel

Eric Castel is a series of comic of soccer Franco-Belgian created by the author Raymond Reding for new weekly Super As in February 1979 before editing in the album in Fleurus April 1979. The adventure revolves around a lot of soccer, but the author is working all the emotional and emotional sides of his character. He and meet a host of characters, more sympathetic than each other, arguing exemplary values ​​and friendship in the first place. Long appeared in Novedi, the series will know Dupuis for the release of his latest album in 1992. The new publishing house Belgian reissue this occasion the series, but the success has not been met: the reissue ended. The 13 February 1979 The new weekly presents Super As a twenty-eight format on twenty-one centimeter of fifty-two pages Eric and Pablitos to follow for nine weeks. On the green cover of no.3218 September 1979 The character appears in the foreground accompanied by thumbnail of Julie Wood of Jean Graton and The Gentlemen of Ferdinando Tacconi and Alfredo Castelli. It is in this issue published the second adventure Leg! To follow until no. 39. Blow! Is the latest in this weekly tournament no. 6827 May 1980 eight numbers.
Eric Castel is a French footballer. Wounded in Inter Milan, he arrived in Barcelona to raise. He falls in love with the country, the famous stadium Camp Nou, and a small creek where he likes to step back from events and where it meets the Pablitos, a bunch of kids football fans and Barça ... He then joined the Paris Saint-Germain for two albums (8 and 9) before returning to Barca. It will eventually join the club Lille OSC in the late 15th and last album.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures is a series of comic strip, written and drawn by Arthur de Pins. Guilty Pleasures tells the romantic and sexual adventures of Arthur and Clara. The author does not hesitate to show his hero in the heat of the action with the ladies or gentlemen with heroin, with a very round and very cute design makes the tone of this cartoon very natural and not shocking. The gags and naughty adventures of Arthur heroes and especially to all the girls around him, appeared in the "Max" magazine. 
Arthur is a man like any other. Yes, he is attracted to the fairer sex. That it is concerned is an understatement, the mere sight of an elastic string acts on him like a magnet. He did not hesitate to give up his head in the expert hands of the hairdresser to admire her plunging neckline. And this is only one example among many others since all means are good to approach women.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Ekho Mirror World is a series of comic scripted by Christopher Arleston and designed by Alessandro Barbucci, published since 2013 by Sun.The first three albums were also released in special drawing, black and white large format. 
Ekho is a mirror world of Earth. We find our cities, our countries, but slightly different: electricity does not exist, dragons replace airliners, subway cars are back on the odd centipede ... But the most surprising Preshauns who are under their tunes formalist lint, seem to hold the reins of this world ... A student, teeming, Yuri and his seatmate in the 747 that leads from Paris to New York find themselves propelled on Ekho.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


This historical epic legend comic is created by Scenario: Jean-Luc Sala, Drawing: Saviori Nicola in 2012. Greece is waiting for more adventures ... with the most distressing heroes! Welcome to a new world of Troy! A world where fashion is the pantheon hipster! And where the deities do not pray to break the legs of more intrepid! And when the gods threaten, better to act in the moment rather than rely on Plutarch! They Associates Questors: Idomeneus & Aeson. They were sung by Homer and entered the legend by taking the city of Troy! Wearied by war and the gods, they are converted back to serve justice and have become the best investigators of the Greek world! But a hero can it always be at the height of his legend? 
Disgusted by the massacre of the Trojan population, the Greek Idomeneus Decalionide decides to disarm and work for justice now. Two decades later, while softening the mighty warrior has become a prominent investigator and has partnered with Aeson, his freedman. A festive evening the comrades are met Klytië, picked a foreign aid. While it tries to convince them to accompany him to his country to solve a thorny matter, strange killing machines arise. Facing danger, Idomeneus and flee Aeson with Klytië aboard his boat. They know they embark on a perilous journey beyond the Pillars of Hercules, in which gods and men are plotting in the shadows. From the comic peplum sauce is what Jean-Luc Sala offers Cleaning in Troy. And humor is not lacking; it drips dialogues.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Tex Willer

Tex Willer is the main fictional character of the Italian comics series Tex, created by writer Gian Luigi Bonelli and illustrator Aurelio Galleppini, and first published in Italy on 30 September 1948. It is among the most popular characters of Italian comics, with translations to numerous languages all around the world. The fan base in Brazil is especially large, but it is very popular also in Finland, Norway, Turkey, Croatia, France, Tamil Nadu, Serbia and Spain. The Tex Willer series is an Italian-made interpretation of the American Old West, inspired by the classical characters and stories of old American Western movies. 
Tex is depicted as a tough guy with a strong personal sense of justice, who becomes a ranger (even if living in Arizona) and defends Native Americans and any other honest character from exaction and greed of bandits, unscrupulous merchants and corrupt politician and tycoons. Native Americans are portrayed in a complex way, emphasizing positive and negative aspects of their culture. The same can be said of the American authorities, like the U.S. Army, the politicians, the business-men, the sheriffs or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Tex had a son, named Kit Willer (who would become a ranger too), with a Native American woman, named Lilyth, the daughter of a Navajo Chief (she would later die of smallpox). Later, Tex himself went on to become the Chief of the Navajo tribe. Tex is not only featured in a monthly comic book series, but also in a special series called Tex Albo Speciale (sometimes called Texone, meaning big Tex, because of their bigger size). The Texone have around 240 pages and some artists known outside the Tex universe have been involved, like Jordi Bernet, Joe Kubert and Ivo Milazzo.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Niourk (published 1957) is a science fiction novel by the French writer Stefan Wul. It first appeared as one of the Fleuve Noir "Anticipation" novels, a series published in France since 1951 which reflected the authors' attitudes towards the supposed post war rise of a "technocracy" in the country. Comics adaptation have been scripted and drawings by Olivier Vatine , based on the novel of Stefan Wul, published by Ankama, in 2012.
It presents an Earth where the oceans have gone dry and humans are hunter-gatherer bands. Haiti is the mountain range "Hait", and New York City becomes the ruins of "Niourk". The "black child" goes to Niourk where he wanders through the ruins and the still functioning automatic devices. He finds a pair of shipwrecked humans from a space-bound branch of mankind. Their technological civilization has suppressed sexual reproduction and sexual organs. The child eats the radioactive brains of giant vertebrated mutant earth octopuses and becomes more intelligent. He teaches himself reading and the rest of the ruined technology and evolves into a superior species of Homo.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Elves Ennlya blues, a small port city Nordrenn were all massacred! The Blue Elf Lanawyn and Turin, a man deemed investigate while all paths lead to a clan Yrlanais, these men from the north who hate the Elves. In the Elsemur island city, a young Vaalan Blue elf passes the test water senses. The mother sees her prophetess near future, a future tied to the sacred crystal. "He who controls the crystal control the ocean. "This announcement caused a stir and it is rumored that could be the messiah Vaalann the blue elves waiting for several generations. Between investigation and initiation, this story takes us into a world of make-believe, dreams and disappointments!". 
A comic by Jean-Luc Istin and Kyko Duarte, at Soleil Productions - in 2013.