Friday, June 2, 2017


Some borders are sometimes so thin, so fragile, that they become transparent. Dream, reality, it is so easy to forget his way between these two worlds. Let us then let innocence take us to those countries where we must abandon all certainties, all except perhaps that of losing ourselves there. Dreams. A comic by Denis-Pierre Filippi and Terry Dodson.
The hen arrives at the gates of the mansion, Coraline has no idea what she will discover the other side. The sculptural blonde presents itself to occupy a position of preceptor, without knowing more about the personality of the one on whom she will have to watch. The host is hard to pin down and his universe full of surprises.


Dreams - Coraline.cbr | 49.35MB | LINK:
Dreams - Sketchbook.cbr | 18.10MB | LINK:

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