Friday, August 11, 2017

Non Album Collection 27

Skraeling 01 - The Dogs of the Weltraum (2011)

The soldier Köstler is a dog of war devoted to the WELTRAUM, an immense fascist state which keeps a servile and fanatical population under their yoke. But in the course of a deadly battle, he feels fear in the face of death. That unprecedented feeling led him to little by little, question his devotion to the regime. So how will he survive his transfer into the most cynical, the most brutal, the most fanatical of all units: the SKRAELINGS?!

The Swimming Pool Of Micheville

Published for the first time in 1985, this collection of short stories from Lorraine region in France (city of Villerupt) have not aged at all. Within a sad social context -- shutdown of factories, destruction of jobs – friendship, fights, the inescapable summer camp vacations, girls, and rock and roll, are some of the many topics of these human, funny and touching teenage stories.

Redhand T01 (03) - Twilight of the Gods

A powerful and enthralling sci-fi epic about a perfect warrior unleashed in an age of barbarism and sorcery, and fated to one day destroy the gods. Writer : Kurt Busiek, Sam Timel. Art : Mario Alberti, Bazal. Set free in a foreign world and without memory of his origins, all Redhand wants is a peaceful life. But destiny wants it otherwise. Touched by a prophecy, imbued with incredible fighting skills and immune to magic, he is preordained to bring about great change to a land burdened by strict worship practices and warring factions.


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  1. hi , thank you for all those extraordinary graphic novels and comics . . can you please give us Igort's '5 is the Perfect number' ?? please??