Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Non Album Collection 86

Bomb Road T1 - Da Nang

For having crashed his F-22 in the meantime, Lieutenant Trotti must resign himself on the orders of General Odds to become Colonel Bradley's "Redneck" Towsend's nurse. Embittered and sick, the retired soldier does not, however, refuse to tell, at the request of Trotti, his past as a Marine pilot during the Vietnam War ... Having sworn to follow the footsteps of his uncle, he Even as a fighter pilot and early disappeared, young lieutenant Towsend joined Da Nang in 1967 to take part in the US-Vietnam conflict.

Beauty and The Beast (1989)

How can the passion, the exclusive love, explode between the most beautiful woman who shoots the Earth, Light, a true manifesto of feminine perfection, and a horrible, merciless killer, Bold, more like a respectable ape than a man? To split the two protagonists of this exhilarating comic, you also put your mind: hyper-sensitive Bold, the Beast; insensitive to everything, even to the most atrocious physical pain, Light, Bella. To guide us in the funny mystery is Carlos Trillo, a South American cartoon myth that, in the first person, as an active character, follows and tells the adventures of the two protagonists, assisted by the secure section of Catalan Jordi Bernet. A very enjoyable book and amazing narrative freedom.

Chaland Anthology (Humanoids 2003)

Story and art by Yves Chaland. Freddy Lombard and friends go on four adventures spanning Belgian castles and African jungles from this Eisner Award-nominated creator! These classic stories exhibit the elegant design that made Chaland a legend amongst cartoonists and animators worldwide! Don't miss this classic in the style of Hergé's Tintin.


Bomb Road T1 - Da Nang (English) (F) (2010) (Alice).cbz | 32.49MB | LINK: http://ceesty.com/wwWMnV
Beauty and The Beast (1989) (JJ - Dragonz).cbr | 38.46MB | LINK: http://ceesty.com/wwWNBv
Chaland Anthology (Humanoids 2003) (nuther).cbr | 134.37MB | LINK: http://ceesty.com/wwW1ir

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