Sunday, January 28, 2018

Non Album Collection 106

Brussli Way of the Dragon Boy T01(03)

Beak-faced Brussli is bullied by the village children. Curious about his true origins, the dauntless “Dragon Boy,” sets off on a quest of adventure and discovery. What he finds, however, turns his world upside down and puts him face-to-face with a unique cast of fantastical fairies, talking rabbits, wily wolves, battle-hardened nuns, demonic beings, and much much more, in this hysterical and heartwarming comedy adventure.

Fort Wheeling (2016)

Patrick Fitzgerald, aristocrat, and Chris Kenton, Virginian, are young soldiers serving on the frontier of Great Britain's American colonies just prior to the American Revolution. During the French and Indian war they fall in love with the beautiful Mohena, a captive rescued from the Shawnee Indians. When the American Revolution begins, however, the two friends choose different sides.

Juarez (2012)

Since 1993, in the small border town of Ciudad Juarez, nearly 400 corpses of women have been found, and more than 2000 women are missing. Sure it creates vocations. Gael Garcia Morales came to Juarez to find the trace of his sister, whose face is among those thousands of missing for which desperate families stick posters. A few months earlier, she had joined the Esperanza Association, which opposes drug traffickers, complacent policemen and crooked lawyers to shed light on these despicable murders. But Juarez does not like snoopers. Some tried to conduct their own investigation, we never saw them again ... In the realm of horror, the reality unfortunately often goes beyond fiction, and the writers were inspired by real facts for this one-shot narrating the investigation of a character, led to the heart of the obscure truths of this Mexican city governed by crime and impunity.


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