Friday, April 6, 2018

Non Album Collection 127

The Tipping Point 1

Some of the world’s greatest creators have each written and drawn an original story that explores the key moment when a clear-cut split occurs, a mutation, a personal revolt or a large-scale revolution that tips us from one world into another, from one life to an entirely new one: The Tipping Point.

Beirut 1990. Snapshots of a Civil War 1

The travel diary of two brothers to a land at war. Writer : Bruno Ricard, Sylvain Ricard. Art : Christophe Gaultier. 1990, off to join an aunt working for a relief organization, young Frenchmen Sylvain and Bruno Ricard come to discover the ins and outs of everyday life in Lebanon’s war-torn capital. More than a decade later, the brothers recount their experiences with the help of artist Christophe Gaultier, as inspired by the real life pictures taken by the siblings on their journey of discovery. 

Bluesman (2010)

This story, structured like a traditional twelve bar blues song, with three sections each made of four chapters, follows blues musician Lem Taylor's harrowing journey across Arkansas of the late twenties, hunted for a crime he didn't commit.


The Tipping Point 1 (Digital) (Humanoids).cbr | 45.31 MB | LINK:
Beirut 1990. Snapshots of a Civil War 1 (Digital) (Humanoids). cbr | 73.84 MB | LINK:
Bluesman (2010) (Digital) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr | 90.11 MB | LINK:

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  1. "Beirut 1990" volume 2 is available.
    Beirut 1990 - Snapshots of a Civil War 2 (Digital) (Humanoids).cbr