Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sanctum Genesis

Journey to the roots of the nightmare as the Nazi party attempts to control the ancient evil entity that was introduced in the bestselling series Sanctum. Writer : Christophe Bec, Philippe Thirault. Art : Stefano Raffaele. Sanctum Genesis.
Aleppo, Syria, 1934. Following a major archeological discovery, German soldiers from the esoteric branch of the Nazi party forcibly take over the site and hold the French-led archeological team hostage. The Nazis are after an ancient weapon that they hope can further their world conquering plans, but in the process of uncovering it they awaken Môt, a primeval divinity that proves utterly impossible to control. A tale of suspense, action-adventure, and horror for fans of Indiana Jones and Lovecraftian horror.


Sanctum Genesis 01 (of 02) (2017) (digital) (Minutemen-The Undead).cbr | 63.80MB | LINK:
Sanctum Genesis 02 (of 02) (2017) (digital) (Minutemen-The Undead).cbr | 57.97MB | LINK:


  1. Aaah... months've passed by,I still couldn't get the 2nd vol. Link to sendspace is OK,but the file unavailable.Pls recheck..... :(