Saturday, April 28, 2018


Takeo has finally achieved his dream; he has left behind the darkness of his past and become a Samurai. But now, with the courage that comes from knowing you are worthy, he finally feels ready to confront his demons. Yet Imperial Japan is in turmoil; General Akuma, one of the Empire's most powerful men has turned his back on the Emperor, and is planning to betray him. The two men are linked by a dark secret; the 13th prophet. It is into this mysterious feud that Takeo will stray on his quest to find out who he really is and answer the questions that have followed him his whole life. Why was he left to grow up in a monastery? And where is the brother that abandoned him ten years earlier? Samurai. by Jean-François Di Giorgio (Author),‎ Frederic Genêt (Illustrator),‎ Delphine Rieu (Illustrator).


Samurai 1. The Heart of the Prophet (Digital) (Titan).cbr | 74.9 MB | LINK:
Samurai 2. The Seven Springs of Akanobu (Digital) (Titan).cbr | 63.3 MB | LINK:
Samurai 3. The Thirteenth Prophet (Digital) (Titan).cbr | 71.8 MB | LINK:
Samurai 4. The Ritual of Morinaga (Digital) (Titan).cbr | 70.6 MB | LINK:
Samurai 5. The Isle With No Name (Digital) (Titan).cbr | 165.3 MB | LINK:
Samurai 6. Brothers in Arms (Digital) (Titan).cbr | 248.9 MB | LINK:

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  1. Unfortenely these files are in Mega apication. Give always error when i try download the files. Plus, you have to download theyr aplication (Mega), or you can't even have decent download option. The browser download option have error too, as i try in my tablet (android 5.0), then this make a crush to desktop (CTD). Bad luck to me.