Sunday, July 31, 2016


Wilson Jericho Hell is real: megalopolis sewers where, as an officer of the Police Sewer it down every day to ensure the proper functioning of the bowels of the huge city. So inevitably, when asked to serve as tour guide Sandra Yeatman, young scientist came to prove the veracity of legends about the crypto-zoological wildlife sewers, Jericho was a little surprised. But not as much as when they discover that an invasion of mutant spiders may well disrupt this ecosystem apart as long as they are content to remain below! Scenario: Christophe Bec | Design: Stefano Raffaele. Under.
Lt. Wilson Jericho is assigned to a particular entity of the police. The Sewer Police is responsible for monitoring sewers megalopolis. This unit, which are mutated the "waste" of the police, to ensure that the marginalized, the outcasts, and "outcasts" who have their habits into drains, do not compromise the functioning of the city's bowels. A young scientist, Sandra Yeatman, joined the team of Lieutenant Jericho. It is cryptozoologist at the University of megalopolis and wants to study sewage wildlife. It intends in particular to prove that rats and alligators which is discarded by toilet bowls survive and mutate. The young scientist has flair: they will soon make a strange discovery in the underground galleries of network: human corpses kept suspended by cobwebs. Each of them was literally drained of blood. Were they the victims of a "White Lady", the giant spider desert they have captured? To find out, the scientific and lieutenant Jericho will have to venture into areas that even the police dare not Sewer cover.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Guardian of the Spear

A vulgar piece of metal discovered during an archaeological dig in Egypt. Yet it is a piece of a complicated puzzle. Some say that this metal is older than our solar system. The one who successfully reconstruct the original object would be invested with unlimited power. The only listed eutre piece is encrusted in a mythical object: the spear of Longinus. The Spear of Christ. But the one found in the museum of Hofburg in Vienna is a copy. The real spear disappeared at an unknown time in history. 
Our protagonists and the long seeking. Long time. Starting with an officer in Nazi Germany in 1936 and by an archaeologist leading research in the Valley of the Kings. And if these two were brothers? And if they were victims of a curse from their first days? A comic by Ferry and Ersel. The Guardian of the Spear.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Look and Learn Magazine

Look and Learn was a British weekly educational magazine for children published by Fleetway Publications Ltd from 1962 until 1982. It contained educational text articles that covered a wide variety of topics from volcanoes to the Loch Ness Monster; a long running science fiction comic strip, The Trigan Empire; adaptations of famous works of literature into comic-strip form, such as Lorna Doone; and serialized works of fiction such as The First Men in the Moon.
The illustrators who worked on the magazine included Fortunino Matania, John Millar Watt, Peter Jackson, John Worsley, Patrick Nicolle, Ron Embleton, Gerry Embleton, C. L. Doughty, Wilf Hardy, Dan Escott, Angus McBride, Oliver Frey, James E. McConnell, Kenneth Lilly, Graham Coton, Ralph Bruce, R. B. Davis, Severino Baraldi and Clive Uptton.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


In the endless night of a Canadian winter, Malemute Kid, a trapper, collects a man frozen as snow. The unknown is not dead but is still and silent. Only Sookmu, tamed the wolf seems to hear his mute appeal and agrees to follow him to the end of the night. The Kid Malemute drive just crossed that of "he who walks without a trace" and that accompany the wolves. The ice is also mother of magic. Screenplay: Mathieu Gallié | Design: Jean-Baptiste Andreae. Wendigo.
Kid and Elam are two trappers who winter in a cottage in the heart of the Yukon lost. One morning their Sookmu dog brings their body of a man almost died. Against all odds, it survived the bitter cold of the night in the Yukon. The man, however, refused all food. Kid decides to take him to Fort Yukon, where he hopes that a priest friend manage to treat. But that's not counting the power of ancient beliefs.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Call Of Origins

Harlem, the 20s The young Anna is day working in the restaurant of his uncle and aunt, and the night dancing to the rhythm of jazz. A life that could be light. But Anna is tormented by his origins: it is mestizo, a difficult status which prevents it from its place. One day she finds out about his unknown father, a white man, mysteriously disappeared in Africa. She thinks only find him, and managed to join the expedition members visiting the continent in search of the origins of man. To each his quest, to each his origins: the following parties together in pursuit of their dreams. Screenplay: Joel Callède | Drawing: Gaël Séjourné. 
All jeopardize to go in search of its origins? At the intersection of Out of Africa and the novels of Joseph Conrad, this trio finds the romantic spirit of adventure while offering a realistic look at a time and on a phenomenon that everyone feels at some point in his life: The Call Of Origins.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Jari is a series of comic strip created by Raymond Reding, on the theme of sport and youth, primarily in the world of tennis. This series is published in the Journal of Tintin, in several episodes from 1957 to 1977-1979. Early in the series, Jari dream of being a ball boy Roland Garros. 
Jari young orphan, is passionate about tennis. He met the great champion Jimmy Torrent, who took him under his protection. After getting rescued role turn in the first episode (and the champion Jari), they find themselves faced with cataclysms then, distress, banditry, to poverty, to amnesia, to resentment, to doping , drugs. Jari and Jimmy Torrent trying to promote and defend the sport, to overcome the difficulties in their own lives and to help others, athletes or not. They also appear in the second volume of Michel Vaillant by Jean Graton  : The faceless driver. The driver sportingly led with Mr. Berthault up the remains of the latter. Publisher: Bedescope. Scenario: Raymond Reding.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Orphans Of The Tower

2060. Placed in an orphanage at a young age, Theo is convinced that invisible tower stands in the heart of New York and strange ghosts seek to seize him. The boy seems to interest both the enigmatic Norton supervisor, a monk came from underground and Alice, an Artificial Intelligence. Scenario: Julien Blondel. Design: Thomas Allart. Orphans Of The Tower.
Theo is a little boy a bit special, who lives in a large New York orphanage. With a higher IQ to others, he has the best grades in all subjects and widely deserves to integrate the class of his elders. These incredible results also earned him special attention from the Norton supervisor, yet afraid of other children. Actually, everything would be better if Theo was also cafardeux and if he had some troubles. Not only because it is convinced that invisible and disproportionate tower stands in the heart of New York (he searches in vain), but it also sometimes horrific visions of ghosts out of the ground and terrorize. Aided by a mysterious monk came underground and Artificial Intelligence dreaming to incarnate in the body of a child, Theo will take part in combat without thank you he is both the challenge and the destructive weapon.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Three Druids Hermeland, Bertalame and Samzun, accompanied by their groom Killian, crossing enemy lines in and out of the Kingdom of Korentin to get to Kercoreff. There are 16, Yuna, Riwanon lady daughter and grand druid Argann, was secretly out of the Kingdom. Long, prophecy had announced his coming, she, the Chosen, which reunite the Three Kingdoms and conquer the invader Lord Kaour. But now, Yuna can not believe a word and it is grudgingly it will resolve to accompany them. Kaour, aware of this secret delegation and the coming of this supposedly elected, know that it is a sham, since it is himself who had eliminated. He sees this as a strategy to restore the king to his people the hope they need to stand against his armies. Maybe even the coming of the false Elected could encourage Kingdoms to reconnect. Kaour decides to do everything to remove. Scenario: Jacques Lamontagne | Design: Ma Yi.
"5632 days have passed since that dark night when I brought you here. It is now time to realize the voice of oracles and you release the three realms of the dark threat smoldering within them."

Saturday, July 23, 2016


1863 in the United States, in full Civil War. Such a lost enclave in the state of Indiana, a small community was established by a group of men and women who wishes to live a bold experiment. Everyone shares his property, but the "Fraternity" community - so called because the values ​​on which this model of micro society rests - is a delicate balance. Soon there are dissensions, especially after the integration of a young boy found in the nearby forest full. A "monster" has even been seen at the time of his capture, a creature that seemed to watch over him. Later, a group of soldiers on the run arrives in the community increasingly divided. A tragic story and sensitive of great strength. 
1863 in full Civil War. Located in the State of Indiana, the small community of New Fraternity is increasingly difficult to enforce its shared ideals and equality. Lack of food and tensions are beginning to affect the delicate balance of this micro-society that lives apart from the world. Not to mention the threats that come from outside, such as this group of deserters who just ask. Scenario: Juan Díaz Canalès. Design: Jose-Luis Munuera. Fraternity.

Friday, July 22, 2016

They Were Ten

September 1812. While the Napoleonic army advance on Moscow, the Russians set fire to the city. Chaos takes places between looting, lynching and settling scores. Writer | Designer: Eric Stalner. They Were Ten.
Refugee in a Moscow palace where he treated soldiers, Jean-Baptiste Grassien, surgeon of the Napoleonic army, was forced to flee with his wounded, including his friend Philippe Marcy and a young Russian wounded eyes, Marouchka Protopkine. They are determined to join the Imperial Guard.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Isabelle was a Belgian comic series drawn by Will and written by André Franquin, Delporte and Raymond Macherot. The comic first appeared in Spirou magazine in 1969. Created by a top team of already-famous contributors to the magazine, the series gained a small but fanatical following. The first stories were written by Franquin (of Gaston Lagaffe fame), Delporte (editor of Spirou and writer of many comics) and Macherot (creator of Sibylline). Later, Delporte alone wrote the stories in collaboration with Will. Twelve albums were published until the series ended with Will's death in 2000. 
The little girl Isabelle (named after Franquin's daughter) gets into a lot of adventures when the evil witch Kalendula troubles Isabelle's uncle Hermès and his fiancée, the good witch Calendula (who is the descendant of the evil Kalendula). Other stories are about a magical painting, a flying village or a floating island. The stories have a poetical tone, although mixed with tons of jokes and puns, rhyming ghosts, a talking diamond and Isabelle's down-to-earth aunt – whose greatest concern when Isabelle gets into an adventure is whether she's dressed warmly enough, even when she descends into Hades. The drawings are packed with details and the poetic nature of the stories comes through in the imaginative animals and backgrounds.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


A world of space and distant future where, in a very civilized and cultured veneer, plots being hatched conspiracies fueled brutal murders. What is doing in this galley Zaya young sculptress? And above all, who is she? A planetary polar cut as a manga, where the rough drawing and "biomechanics" Chinese Huang Jia Wei wonders.
Zaya is a retired secret agent trying to make a life for herself outside of the organization known as SPIRAL. But a mysterious cybernetic assassin is hunting Spiral agents across the planetary sprawl could she be next? Created by Jean David Morvan and Huang Jia Wei.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Frozen Child

Francois discovers one day that, after touching a dolmen, his hands have the power to heal and rejuvenate. His life is turned upside down even more when he meets a nameless mute girl fleeing from a deranged professor who’s been experimenting on her. Ice is a little girl that Mervent professor cloister in total isolation, to conduct a scientific experiment. One day Little Ice fled and his path crosses that of Francis. Screenplay: Eric Corbeyran | Drawing: Riad Sattouf. The Frozen Child.
Vendée, early twentieth century. Professor Bernard Mervent, who runs an insane asylum, conducting an experiment on his own daughter, the child, aged ten years, is kept in complete isolation in a vast library. His only contact with the outside world is Mathilde, a maid who brings him his meals. Another child, Francis, son of peasants, he leads a normal life. Until the day he accidentally discovers he has a healing power. While Professor Mervent mourns the loss of his test subject, she is enjoying a moment of peace at the ancient stone table. Soon, an intrusion of a group of archaeologists sets in motion a deadly chain of events. Every mystery that shrouds the lives of the characters in the story gets explained in a breathtaking finale.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Stan is a bit lost and dreamy guy. One day, as he walks in Paris, an old woman dies in his arms and gives him a ring and an old photo of a group of people outside a castle. In this yellowed photo, among others, is a magnetic woman who attracts Stan. Without explaining the details, he asked the help of his fiancée Bertille to find who that mysterious old woman. Soon, mysterious things start happening. Screenplay: Laurent Vicomte | Design: Laurent Vicomte & Claude Pelet.
Since he met a strange old woman who seemed to know him, Stanislas little come off just his fiancee, the lovely Bertille. Besides it comes off almost all forms of reality since the strange ring that has given him this old woman before dying gradually precipitates the young man, the dreamer and nostalgic temperament, to the beginning of the century . In a quiet and elegant era. In search of the mysteries of a young woman with a pale and wonderful beauty: Sasmira. That the reality or the dream will take sublimated Stan in his nets?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Green Manor

A cup of tea? A drop of milk? A spoonful of poison? At first sight, nothing would make the very select club called Green Manor stand out from any other English club. Yet behind its thick walls, sunk into its deep chairs, hides the biggest bunch of con artists, bandits and murderers that Queen Victoria's England has ever seen. Scenario: Fabien Vehlmann | Design: Denis Bodart.
"Green Manor" mixture crime, perversity and humor to the delight of readers. Green Manor is a club of London high society in the late nineteenth century - atmosphere Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper. The members of this club are fascinated by this particular activity to the human species: the crime. And they do not always interested in it innocently. Some small Grave gentlemen told by the butler of Green Manor. A British humor anthology, cynical, squeaky. A delight.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Red Caps

Davey, a young dreamy shepherd, sees his life changed when he meets the gaze of a beautiful aristocrat. With flaming heart, he scales the walls of the castle to declare his love for the lady, but it’s just a beginning of his adventure. This comic has everything: beautiful artwork with breathtaking landscapes and a story inspired by Scottish poetry, legends and history. Perhaps the characters could be a little less stereotypical. But hey, it's still a wonderful series. For the fans of Rob Roy and William Wallace! Screenplay: Pierre Dubois | Design: Stéphane Duval.
Rocked by the wonderful stories of an old pastor, Davey has always lived Waterlez head turned to the gold-colored Faerie. So when the love and the English soldiers forced him to join the Highlanders, the young farmer relies on fairies. In the eternal highlands of Scotland, Davey had a childhood rocked by the legends of Reverend Kirk. Of all his stories, especially the one impression: that of Red Caps, cruel elves, to give luster to their caps, dip them regularly in the blood of stray they intersect and massacre. As an adult, Davey meets one day a beautiful young noblewoman.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Little Men

Little Men (Les aventures des petits hommes) is a series of humorous cartoon Franco-Belgian conducted by Pierre Seron drawing storyboards, Albert Desprechins and Mittéï scenario. Published by Editions Dupuis , she appeared for the first time in the newspaper Spirou n o  1534 of 7 September 1967 with Alert Eslapion-sous-Rajevols title which will be turned into alert to Eslapion first release album in 1972 in the collection "Okay". 
It is in the small village of Rajevols begins the adventure of the little men. One researcher found a meteorite fragment in his garden. What he does not know is that his discovery will change the lives of the villagers. This piece of meteorite, when touched, has the effect of reducing the size of the one that key. But it does not stop there, since a simple physical contact with an infected person causes the same effects. So the next day, they are all people of the village have shrunk! The little men will then have no choice than to create a new city size: Eslapion. Thanks to Dr. Joachim Hondegger, small men quickly get a very advanced technology, enabling them to overcome all the difficulties they will face, but at the cost of many adventures.