Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Swords of Glass

In a world whose time is running out, four mysterious swords must be reunited to save the planet. A spectacular saga full of wondrous creatures and settings.Writer : Sylviane Corgiat. Art : Laura Zuccheri.
In a world threatened by the imminent death of its sun, young Yama lives a relatively happy and peaceful life as the daughter of the chief of the village. But everything changes the day a sword of glass falls from the sky, just as the prophecy had announced. Anyone who touches the sword is instantly turned to glass and dies. Orland, the local lord of war, comes to take possession of the unique weapon but fails to retrieve it. In the process, Yama’s father is killed and her mother taken away. Yama, however, escapes and survives with only one thought: when she grows up, she will return to get the swords of glass, and avenge her parents.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shaolin Cowboy

Shaolin Cowboy is a comic book series created, written (with the exception of the opening dialog in the issues of the original 2004–2007 run being written by the Wachowskis) and drawn by artist Geof Darrow. The book was published irregularly by Burlyman Entertainment. The last issue Shaolin Cowboy #7 hit the stands in May 2007, a year after #6 went on sale. At the 2011 Toronto, San Diego and New York Comic Cons, Dark Horse Comics announced that they would be publishing three new Shaolin Cowboy comics, starting with a new Number One. The first issue of the new Dark Horse series has been solicited for release on October 9, 2013 as an ongoing series.
The book is about an unnamed former Shaolin monk who wanders the land with a talking mule named Lord Evelyn Dunkirk Winniferd Esq. the Third. Having been "asked" to leave the Shaolin temple, he has since had a bounty placed on his head, which many are eager to collect. Given the Shaolin Cowboy's prowess in martial arts, however, this will be very difficult. Taking place in an unspecified time setting (as the first issue notes, "the day after yesterday and a week before tomorrow"), the book features extremely detailed artwork and equally violent and absurd action scenes; in one, the main character battles a giant shark with a human head in its mouth using two chainsaws tied on the ends of a long stick -- which all takes place in the canalization in the stomach of a lizard, on whose back a city is located.

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Desert Falcon

This airplane war comic is created by Franz Zumstein. Spring 1942, above the Libyan desert illustrate the German airmen involved in the bloody desert war that has just begun. A young man admires the show, Ali. This dream prodigy aviation enthusiast to become a great fighter pilot. So when given the opportunity to fly in the colors of the Afrika Korps, he jumps in a cockpit and flew to his destiny. 
Flying, a dream shared by thousands of people around the world. Libya 1942, the Afrika Korps, the Italians and the Allies are fighting on the southern front. Ali, fascinated by the exploits of aviators, managed, thanks to his skills on the black market, to approach these prodigious flying machines. Arrives he achieve his dream and drive a? Aviation lover, rejoice, a new author appeared. Aeronautical comic is a separate genre that has always fascinated and enjoys still today great popularity. Buck Danny Dan Cooper, Tanguy and Laverdure made the heyday of magazines while more recently Olivier Dauger (Heaven in ruins), Romain Hugault (Last Flight) and Christophe Gibelin (Lead Wings) continue successfully to to "steal" comics.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Team Rafale

Team Rafale is a series of contemporary air military adventures bande desinee. Scenario: Frédéric Zumbiehl, Drawing: Eric Loutte, Colours: Sylvaine Scomazzon. 
The hero is Captain Tom Nolan, combat pilot, but test pilot. He is a man struggling with the vagaries of our time and a certain loving friendship binds to his beautiful partner, also a fighter pilot, Jessica Nate. 
Topics are chosen in a geopolitical context of avant-garde in order to stick to realistic extremely topical. They reflect the challenges of our time: industrial espionage, economic warfare, terrorism, interposition forces in different conflicts.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Wealth has its drawbacks. It breeds jealousy in close relations and covetousness in crooks of all kinds. The Damocles agents have an assignment to protect the largest fortunes on the planet, by getting involved in their extraordinary world of luxury, show and glitter. Action, glamor and charm are on the menu! Art : Alain Henriet. Story : Joel Callède
London in the near future. Like all European capitals, the city is the scene of a thriving form of crime directly to the rich of this world. Hassan El-Ahmad is well placed to know. At the head of a business empire built on the arms trade, it is threatened by a revolutionary splinter group that intends to make him change his tune. If he does not comply, his only son, Said, will be removed. A protection mission quite the ropes of Damocles agency specialized in this customer 'high-end' '. For us it is a first opportunity to meet with a group of bodyguards unusual, headed by the charming Ely! 
Said, son of the CEO of the industrial empire El-Ahmad, is threatened by the army Sherwood, an anti-capitalist splinter group. Damocles agency responsible for the safety of persons, dispatch its top agents for protecting the heir wealthy, more accustomed to celebrations of the jet set at a quiet peaceful retreat. Following an attempted abduction foiled by Ely, he resigns himself to live cloistered in a Moroccan Riad, away from the hustle and peoplesques temptations. Alas, nothing stops people determined. Kidnapping is finally executed by cronies of half sister whose Saïd discovers existence. When any youthful escapades of a father spill over the life of the son, the consequences can be dramatic. If Damocles is in the tradition of polar excessively stereotypical characters with his lot in marked emotional liability but to the strength of intact nature.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Rubine is a comic series drawn by François Walthéry collaboration with scriptwriter Mythic. The series from 1993 was published by publishing house Le Lombard, is about a super nice redheaded policewoman. Her adventures are taking place largely in contemporary Chicago. The latter supervises the graphics of the series, leaving Dragan Of Lazarus and then Boyan, two Serbian designers, express graphically.
  • Rubine Killarney: Rubine is a detective. Her father is still the local sheriff in town. Hence she has a taste to do police work and chose the dangerous Chicago to make career as a detective. Meanwhile, she is superintendent.
  • Jay Killarney : Jay is the older brother of Rubine. Jay is a computer specialist which sometimes proves to be convenient. When he has time, he tries as Shirley to link his sister to a man.
  • Shirley : Shirley is Rubines colleague. She is equally attractive but is not as strict as Rubine. Shirley also tried time and again to find a man for Rubine, but in vain. She is also a detective, but despite her same degree as Rubine, she is still more in the shadow of her colleague Rubine.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Castle of Stars

The Castle of stars is a series of French comic created in 2014 by Alex Alice. It is published by Rue de Sèvres. Alex Alice was inspired by texts by authors from the xix th century, including the novel From the Earth to the Moon written by Jules Verne, in order to stage the conquest of space according to the vision of this period. His passion for castles also led him to imagine Louis II in patron of this business. The author wished to retain the widest audience possible, according to the editorial line of the editor Rue de Sèvres. The writing is performed by Alex Nikolavitch. The artwork is hand drawn by Alex Alice, with the help of Anthony Simon for large volumes. Color is added directly to the penciled following the technique of watercolor. The series is prepublished in the form of newspapers, in the image of Jacques Tardi at Casterman. This format has pushed the author to his work cut episodes, following the model of the nineteenth soap operas or TV series such as The Mysterious Cities of Gold.
1868. Dulac Claire adventurer flew aboard his balloon to do what must be the greatest scientific discovery of the era: proving the existence of the ether. While his goal is now within reach, a lightning cloud descends on his balloon, thus putting an end to his wildest dreams. A year later, her husband and her son Archibald Seraphin receive a strange letter from Bavaria. Its anonymous author claims to have found the book of the late explorer and money to join him as soon as possible. Somewhat troubled by this news but also driven by their curiosity, they decide nevertheless to meet the mysterious invitation of their interlocutor.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Extraordinary Voyage

These comics are created by author(s): Filippi (Denis-Pierre), Camboni (Silvio). Britain, 1927. 
Noémie and Emilien are not like other children: cousins ​​from a rich family, they spent their childhood in a boarding school without hardly ever see their parents! Awesome children, they finally used to the independent life, away from the din of war, and have created their own world. When the fighters Noémie parents back their home and send it to look for the back live in the vast family mansion, their feeling is shared ... But the place is magical, with its rooms full of inventions of the father of Emilien and a thousand places to explore. They decide to test this new life, especially as a mystery remains unclear: where did Alexander, the father of Emilien? His sudden disappearance could it be related to the machine he was creating for the contest Jules Verne? Welcome to a world where a strange uchronic third force, consisting of incredible robots, upsets the balance of power between Axis and the Allies ... A world where two brilliant and fearless children will live an adventure out of the ordinary, an Extraordinary Voyage!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Orbital is a Franco-Belgian comics series written by Sylvain Runberg, illustrated by Serge Pellé and published by Dupuis in French and Cinebook in English. The story follows a pair of IDO agents on their intergalactic diplomatic peace missions. The agents are Mezoke Izzua, a Sandjarrian, and Caleb Swany, a Human. The missions reveal a rich universe of various interwoven plots by various political and interest factions involving numerous cultures and races across the galaxy. Orbital station is the departure base agents of the Diplomatic Office Intermondial, in another dimensional plane for security reasons, a technology based on the latest advances in quantum physics. The mission of the ODI officials is to preserve the good agreement in a galactic confederation comprising several hundreds of races, a body where humans are latecomers and poorly considered, often seen as primitive and dangerous. 
In May 24, 2278 in Prague under the snow, Colonel Ulrich Caleb and Kristina takes two teenagers on the roof of a high building in the old city center, an observation post overlooking a breathtaking view of the dome which takes place the last rally of pro-Confederate militants, days before the referendum worldwide for human integration into Confederation. It is there that are Caleb and Kristina's parents, the linguist Pavel Swany and astrophysicist Ivanka Najman who, one after the other, make a speech on the future agreement which will bind the human species this organization multicivilisationnel, older than eight thousand years - and for now 781 involving alien races. While Caleb try to listen to their speech through micro-sensors translators, a strange commando composed of masked men preparing an attack with a weapon placed in an apartment they just killed the owners, facing the dome. A missile was then launched on the huge building under the horrified eyes of two children without the security services can not do anything more than one hundred twenty thousand people from around the world die in the attack, there no survivors.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Golden Cup

Golden Cup is a series of comic French of science fiction. Created by the team: Scenario: Daniel Pecqueur 
Drawing: Alain Henriet. Colours: Schelle Pierre,  Rosa, Stéphane, Manchu  Chabane, Lounis.
It takes the universe of the series Golden City, although occurring in childhood Harrison Banks, the hero of Golden City. Daytona dreams of becoming a race car driver and win the 500 miles of Daytona. In the meantime he must be content to run on circuits as seedy and dangerous to repay a debt to his manager, a wheeler unscrupulous. One day, however, Daytona escapes from the clutches of this shark and roams the country until meeting an old man of passion. The climate is harsh and cold but Daytona and Borano might find some warmth in the arms of a Girl creatures of the tundra. This however is not that divert them from their course: one a race to win, the other a wealthy heiress must free from the clutches of a group of extremist environmental activist. A moment after the button off the road, the youngest must rally the next check point quickly. The detective, found mainly in the spotlight, must find quickly track of the captive. Golden cup is typical lightning rod figure for part of the BD readership. Derivative of a successful series, it focuses on the occasion the usual wrath that befell a certain type of production: way to tap a vein, or for the more lenient retain the best fans of the series- mother of two volumes.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The North Star

This comic created by Designer :Philippe Delaby and Writer: Luc Delisse in 1994. Published by Le Lombard with only 3 editions.
There is a king of France plunged up to his neck in trouble. Plots, ruins finances, threat of war with the English, betrayal of his wife, revolt provinces. There is a dark secret that the kings of France is transmitted from generation to generation and which could change the face of the world. There is a series of abbeys, in the United State, living in a closed circuit and will recognize no other authority than that of God. There is the omnipresent death. There the devil is in the world like a worm in the fruit.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Masked is a heroic action bande-desinee created by Script: Serge Lehman, and Drawing: Stephane Crety. 
Injured during a mission in the Caucasus, Sergeant Frank Braffort returned to Paris after six years of absence. He discovers a changing city orchestrated by the Prefect Beauregard Paris Métropole. A city where the retro rage gigantism and where "anomalies" multiply, mysterious events that no one can explain. A city that will capture Braffort and link their destinies forever . Touched by the plasm, the Special prefect Joel Beauregard tipped into madness. Using television and video system that quadrille the city, he uses his hypnotic power to release all the lower instincts of his fellow citizens, sparking violence in the home as in the street. Captured by the brigade of phenomena, Frank, who still does not understand the powers vested in it, and the gargoyle of the cathedral.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Scorpion

The Scorpion is a Franco-Belgian comics series written by Stephen Desberg, illustrated by Enrico Marini and published by Dargaud in French and Cinebook in English.
The story takes place in Rome during the second half of the eighteenth century. Cardinal Trebaldi decides to reinstate the power of the nine families, based on papacy. Armando Catalano, also known as The Scorpion, is a holy relics dealer. He is the son of a heretic who was burnt alive for misdirecting a priest from the church and Christian beliefs. Armando, the bearer the “mark of the devil”, a birthmark in the shape of a scorpion, will challenge the cardinal’s authority. The cardinal, who seems to be filled with hatred for The Scorpion, sends the young gypsy Mejai specialized in poisons to kill him. The adventures of the Scorpion lead him to the treasure of the Templars and to discover an interpretation of what might have happened to it. Between fiction and history, this comic distills Machiavellian theory on religious authority.

Monday, January 18, 2016

White Tigress

White Tigress is a series of comics drawn by Conrad and scripted by Yann then by Wilbur from Volume 3. This series derived Innommables is published by Dargaud. Volume 4, A spy on the roof, were pre-published in the summer 2007 release and received wide acceptance of newspaper readers. Philippe Sollers speaks in his column in the Sunday newspaper as "the delirium amazing Conrad and Wilbur ". 
Alix Yin Fu, a young Chinese woman, between the Gong Ju year, the secret service of the communist regime. China is in the midst of civil war between the nationalists of Chiang Kai-shek and the Communists of Mao Zedong. During his first mission (volumes 1 and 2) she rubs the underworld Hong-Kong and the jet set of all British settlers seeking a nuclear bomb lost US (that of Shukumeï Series The Innommables). The third volume of the series, The Art of Happiness fifth, sending Alix Yin Fu in San Francisco where it must be driven by a French sympathizer officer appointed Rousseau. Maurice Rousseau principal occupation to track down Japanese war criminals refugees on US territory. Launched in the footsteps of the famous Masanobu Tsuji, Alix must prove that it can kill in cold blood if it is not to become a "fly gathering pollen," an agent who prostitute to obtain information from the enemy. A spy on the roof (Volume 4) takes place in China, Shanghai, and focuses on the struggle between the Chinese secret services. It shows for the first time the head of Gong Ju year, Kang Sheng and all the underworld fauna of Shanghai after the war. The fifth volume of The Year of the Phoenix takes place in Hong Kong, Shanghai and London. He concludes the first cycle. The White Tigress are stalked by the agent 005 of MI6, but the worst danger comes from inside the Gong Ju year.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Cobalt is a series of comics written by Greg and designed by Walter Fahrer, published for the first time in 1971 in the Tintin magazine. Cobalt and Paprika Assistant conduct investigations worldwide to find missing people. A short history [Cobalt, tooth and nail (8 pages)] and 4 long stories [Fugue for four hands (45 pages), The Treasure of the cobra (30 pages) The assassinated recalcitrant (30 pages) and the wonderful zombie ( 30 pages)] were published between 1971 and 1975 in the Tintin magazine. 
  • Robert Cobalt: He calls himself "Intelligent, virile and sober deserve a substantial increase.."
  • Paprika: Cobalt Assistant. "Her luscious mouth serves only lead to his stomach and when it is not full, on utter nonsense." Said Cobalt.
  • Dabel: Patron of the "Service Missing Persons" where Cobalt works. "He has strong breath. When we worked for him, we can ALL face." Said Cobalt.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Jerome is a Belgian comic but especially Flemish, created by Willy Vandersteen (1913 to 1990). However, it is the Vandersteen workshop sign. There are 93 albums released in French for this series, between 1964 and 1982. The French publisher is Erasmus.
This series is in fact derived from a series Bob and Bobette, the same author. It is a spin-off around the character of Jerome, stunt with superhuman strength. He plays the superhero, sometimes accompanied by a young apprentice, Odilon. Jerome has always drawn the eyes closed. There is a main period, known as green. The early albums were not green now and their model has evolved. There are other bands, usually advertising.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Marquis of Anaon

The Marquis of Anaon is a series of French comic history. It is based on the legend of the Marquis of Anaon, tells People of xviii century. Scenario: Fabien Vehlmann. Drawings: Matthieu Bonhomme. Colours: Delf. 
In the 1720s, Jean-Baptiste Poulain, son of a merchant and former medical student, travels to countries where mysterious phenomena have been observed or where inexplicable crimes were committed both to enrich his scientific knowledge to come assistance to victims of events that seem supernatural. Spirit Cartesian and rational, it must cope with living in remote regions where reigns the obscurantism and where crisis situations often result in the persecution of groups living on the margins of the community. Relations with the aristocrats are not simpler than the common people, each part of the social body obeying its own prejudices. Like the Wind Passengers, the series of Marquis Anaon recreates the past without betraying the complexity, presenting the reader with the adventures of a character slightly ahead mentality of his time. Following his first adventure, the farmers of the island of Brac gave Jean-Baptiste Poulain the nickname "marquis Anaon", ie lord of lost souls. The dialogues are interspersed with a few anachronisms, such as when the Countess de Almedia, the third album, speaks of "nations" about France and Spain of the early xviii th century; gold this concept will make sense in Europe after 1789.