Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The island which gives its title to the series is in the open Atlantic Ocean. It is unknown to geographers today. At the time in question - the mid-seventeenth century - both human communities confront them with violence: the native Indians of the island (the Syyanas) and the Spanish conquistadors installed on site more recently, thanks their trips more and more to the New World. Among the challenges of this armed confrontation, a mysterious disease, highly virulent, it is essential to contain within the natural boundaries of the island, otherwise endanger all humanity. Nobody should leave. Therefore, the island will become a microcosm of the frontal collision of two civilizations that everything - morality, religion, attitudes, moral - radically opposed. 
Somewhere on a tropical island, an Indian village wakes up in the softness of dawn. But soon all hell breaks loose: a squadron conquistadors identified the places and killing every last inhabitants, including women and children. All the appearances of a free crime unforgivable. But maybe the reality is it more complex than it appears. For it is not a "simple" conventional war between the Spaniards to the natives, the Indian Syyanas. Scenario: Jean-David Morvan, Miroslav Dragan. Design: Noah Ignacio. Helldorado.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Black Flag

On the way to an unlikely treasure Dan Dark embarks on a journey that will take him to the end of hell. Dan Dark is a pirate. Laconic, cynical and phlegmatic is his moodiness that earned him his nickname. Uncompromising leader, he led his men with an iron fist, but his sense of fairness makes a valued and respected captain. A comic by Eric Corbeyran and Brice Bingono. 
Out of the labyrinthine building in which he had wandered, and rid of "Sir", Dan finds himself in possession of a strange cube, he thinks is a treasure what to buy his freedom! Unfortunately, content is even more mysterious than the container! As they sail for the open sea, Dan and his motley crew are pursued by the tough Chico Dolor, who took over from Slim Borgne. But another threat, more monstrous than ever will soon monopolize his attention!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Front Lines

Front Lines is as a new series concept (close to publications) dedicated - commemorative year oblige - the Second World War. This inaugural episode is divided into two parts of equal size. In the first half, screenwriter Jean-Pierre Pécau presents and implements the six players who will experience adventures moult over the four volumes announced. 
Four athletes, a journalist, a Communist: we will follow their acts of bravery, their friendships and their love throughout the Second World War. The second part proposes to follow one of them, Emile Berger, alias Snowy, who throne cover with a false air of Sylvester Stalone, while his personality "slinger big heart" actually confuses more willingly with that of Lino Ventura. It falls to about a nice editorial blunder: his name Berger throughout the album, but Soubise in 4th cover. This second sequence is interested in the first weeks of war, focusing on the commitment of the cyclist on a tank in the town of Stonne Ardennes, where the fighting is. Good news without losing his scholarship, Pécau is more fluid than ever narratively. The design of this first volume has meanwhile been given to Serbian illustrator, Brada, for realistic graphic score serious though impersonal, near Kordey style, to reassure fans Pécau. Hopefully the designer Benoît Dellac manage to restore the features - and therefore the psychology of six characters - to ensure continuity in the second part, already released in early June 2014.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mary Of Dragons

Mary was 12 when she finds her village destroyed, his parents murdered , siblings enslaved. She flees vowing one day to take revenge. Fifteen years later, Marie is a warrior who sells his skills to the highest bidder. With his friend and blood brother, William, a mercenary, she fights the "Dragons" of the strange creatures that move on the borders of reality, and she is the only perceive the existence and power to face them. So, Mary finds the trace of murderers. But his strange abilities they would not be linked to the massacre of his own? And its enemies are they still in his footsteps? Scenario: Ange. Design: Thierry Démarez. Mary Of Dragons.
Today is not an ordinary day for little Mary. Like all the villagers did at her age, she must spend the night in the forest and when the time comes, bring back the heart of an animal she has slain with his own hands. When she returns victorious at daybreak, she discovered, instead of the joyous town she thought back, traces of a massacre: houses looted, men and women passed from life to death. As for the survivors, they have obviously been abducted and enslaved. Only orphan, Mary is thrown on the roads of the Empire of France. Later became mercenary great reputation, she crosses paths with William, his brother in arms, and try not only to avenge those who destroyed his life, but also to understand the strange powers that seem to inhabit, and manifested by visions of another world. the framework for the least conventional of the first volume was accompanied fortunately characters whose course is following with interest, in a universe which itself is of great originality.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Lords of War

War is not a game Private Military Company second class, appeared in Serbia on the ruins of the last war in 2021, Kali has nothing of great military enterprise. Employees are not mercenaries have high life expectancy! But the box has its advantages, including a recruitment lax allowing the mysterious Marik Damien be their new mech pilot, these modern tanks including the Balkans were the first to land exercise. Just arrived, Marik is recruited for a seemingly innocuous assignment: escorting an arms dealer in base of the insurgents. When The Shield and The 12 Salopards meet Jason Bourne! Recounting anticipation fed to the American series and video games, Warlords is a critical hollow modern conflicts far as a formidable series of crossbred War political thriller. 
2018. More than ever the Balkans are a powder keg ready to engulf the world. In a country adrift, private military companies mushrooming to the delight of local warlords. But on the world stage, they are just pawns. Upcoming events will load to remind them. Scenario: Guillaume Dorison, Elyum Studio. Design: Jean-Baptiste Hostache. Lords of War.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


2046: A new drug appears on the market. A revolutionary drug. The first quantum drug. The world will change and nothing will be as before. Nirvana is a drug that does not just alter the functions of the mind by controlling the mind of the consumer. No, it is a drug which disperses the human molecules. Drug addicts are falling apart and re-form. It is the total and guaranteed trip. Nirvana is more dangerous than any other drug. The consumer may not recover at the same. Scenario: Jean-Luc Istin. Design: Arnaud Boudoiron.
Hurley Judd is a narco-cop with "license to kill", a cop who plays solo and has only one referent. A guy who works in a submarine in the middle. His mission: to eradicate the arch-dealer Nirvana. But Hurley was not always a cop. A few years ago he was a mere archivist, rather coward, until his wife addicted to the famous drug, disappeared. Since then, he seeks and his mind has changed, it is more confident than ever and the message he received from his wife is not a fake, then this damn story will lead directly to the inventor Nirvana itself. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


She is the Pythia, the messenger of the Gods. She sees the future, she knows the battles which will bring down the kings, the droughts which starve the peasants, the storms which take ships. But she does not enjoy the present. Scénario : Olivier Peru. Design : Stefano Martino. Oracle.
She lives alone in her temple, preserving the gift that made her one of the most powerful women in Greece. Until her power is taken away. Her last vision reveals the dark future that will befall the world. The Pythia must act now.  For revenge as much as to fight against fate, she will spill blood.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise is a British comic strip featuring a fictional character of the same name, created by author Peter O'Donnell and illustrator Jim Holdaway in 1963. The strip follows Modesty Blaise, an exceptional young woman with many talents and a criminal past, and her trusty sidekick Willie Garvin. It was adapted into films in 1966, 1982, and 2003, and from 1965 onwards eleven novels and two short story collections were written. Having conceived the idea after a chance meeting with a girl during his wartime service in the Middle East, O'Donnell elected to work with Jim Holdaway, with whom he had worked on the strip Romeo Brown, after a trial period of collaboration with Frank Hampson, creator of Dan Dare, left O'Donnell dissatisfied. Modesty Blaise debuted in the London Evening Standard on 13 May 1963.
In 1945, a nameless girl escapes from a displaced prison (DP) camp in Kalyros, Greece. She remembers nothing from her short past and wanders through post-World War II Mediterranean, the Middle East, and regions of North Africa, where she learns to survive the hard way. She befriends Lob, another wandering refugee who is a Jewish Hungarian scholar from Budapest. He gives her an education and a first name: Modesty. Sometime later Modesty creates her last name, Blaise, after Merlin's tutor from the Arthurian legends. When Lob dies is unclear, other than it being prior to her going to Tangier. In 'The Xanadu Tailisman' it is mentioned that Modesty has left Lob at a village to recover from a wound; she goes alone to sell a car tyre. In 1953 she takes control of a criminal gang in Tangier from Henri Louche and expands it into an international organization called the Network.

Monday, May 23, 2016


One will come by century, in the armor of ice, taking his vengeful hands our salvation. Thus speaks the prophecy. The first, is engulfed in the great fault to fight the creatures and never reappeared. The Creatures disappeared during a generation and it believed that it had defeated. Then they reappeared, sowing terror A scary world perpetual blaze of wind huge lava rivers and thousands of volcanoes. Absolute night the eternal darkness.
The creatures have transformed the city into Kirgräd blaze. The king is dead and Tifenn princess took command of the survivors. It has to seek asylum to a former ally of his father without knowing whether it will accept. The road is long and full of pitfalls. Between destitution, swamps, cold, winged monsters and brigands, we must also ensure that resentment does not come engulf the column of refugees. Among them Ioen Arzamas and will have to override their resentments. Christophe Bec attacks the heroic fantasy admitting that it is for him to have fun paying tribute to a style he had loved as a teenager. Scenario: Christophe Bec. Design: Iko. Darkness.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


In that time. The first miasma of the apocalypse comes at the approach of the millennium. Metalic vessels of the sylphs haunt the skies under the watchful eye of the devil, who's sending his creatures, every day more numerous. Death, fear and damnation were the most faithful companions of men in a world now governed by forces from beyond. And I, Raedwald the Saxon, relic trafficker whom they say has a mind sharp as a dagger, I decided to bar the road to chaos. Raedwald is one of the cleverest relics traffickers at the end of the tenth century. In a world where the supernatural is prowler, a historical thriller over which reign ghouls and evil creatures. Created by Richard D. Nolane, François Miville-Deschênes.
998 Rome, Pope Clement V has been murdered by his successor, Vladimir Dalmatian. The counselor of the latter discovered in the papal archives a letter informing the King of England His Holiness held a secret document that might reveal the hiding place of two skulls of angels sheltered by Saint Pierre. In exchange for his protection and a title to 50 skeletons of Roman martyrs, the Pope referred to Vladimir offers Raedwald to find these precious relics.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Jim Lancaster, English lord knighted by the Queen following his exploits in the Navy during World War II, is sent on polar Hyperborea base. There, a mission led by a world-renowned scientist, Graham C. Clarke, would have found the remains of an ancient lost civilization! But Jim will quickly realize that this discovery appears to be interested in a former enemy of the Crown. Clarke would not have told him everything? This comic is created by Christophe Bec and Jean-Jacques Dzialowski.
1959. Lord Jim Lancaster and Robert Caradine and a half-dozen leading scientists, have answered the call of Graham C. Clark, explorer of missing cities. Directorate of Troms, the Arctic doors , to break an old mystery of a few million years. In 1945, the heirs of the Nazi regime had pursued the same objective. A handsome kid with the square jaw carrying a thicket bomber jacket, a blonde perched on high heels to face the ice and wearing a neckline that holds the eye in full polar temperature: from coverage, the tone is set.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Gold in the Snow

1897. Matt, a young American farmer, fled the family farm to experience the adventure. He goes in search of the Klondike, an unknown river in Alaska soon to be the object of all fantasies. It has found gold, much gold. 
In his quest for gold, Matt confronts hostile mountains and raging rivers, to join the Klondike. Gradually, the young man will melt in the north. This story was inspired by an incredible odyssey where fifty thousand men, among whom the writer Jack London, went lost in a desert of snow and ice, because of a single title in the newspapers: "Tons gold in Alaska ". Scenario: Eric Stalner. Design: Jean-Marc Stalner. Gold in the Snow.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Space. Ice. Infinite. Tomb of what remains of three glorious empires left to conquer, and eventually kill until only one left to rule the mass grave finally created. No one ? Not quite. At the bottom of a gigantic galactic high security prison and autonomous, live in separate areas, outcasts forgotten those three races HISP, Ethereal, Humans and their variants posthuman. None of them knows that they are the last survivors. Forced to work together to turn agricultural machines for all to live, the status quo is about to be broken. A man is poised to take control of the prison by force. A warrior with strange powers who hides a dark secret. A relentless leader. An emperor in power. This man a name, whose world will remember. This name ? Khaal. Scénario : Louis. Design : Valentin Sécher.
Khaal is now master of the vessel ogre who destroyed and assimilated all the planets he meets. The emperor is however not satisfied because a vision - a call - eating him: his destiny lies elsewhere, to a people that hope and enable it to become a god. However, any organization has its weaknesses. For the tyrant, they are two brothers, which confer powers and who chose to go into exile in the bowels of the organic aisle, avoiding the excesses of the being to which they are linked. The few opponents of the despot will look to take advantage of this situation. After a first powerful and promising part is the end of a saga which obviously suffers from having to conclude in two volumes instead of three. Louis still pays a consistent sequel ideas and symbols abound.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Land of the Vampires

Land of the Vampires or The Last Ones is a horror bande dessinee. A post-apocalyptic road movie tale where Earth has been turned into a vampires' hunting ground. Publication in 3 volumes - completed work.
A cataclysm has transformed the Earth's atmosphere, blocking out all ultraviolet light, plunging it into a new ice age, and giving vampires free reign across the planet. With the human race threatened with extinction, two adults and a handful of children struggle to survive, hidden in the rubble of a ravaged Spanish city. Led by a mysterious savior who joins them, they embark on one last, desperate gamble to cross Europe in search of refuge, to where the last of humanity is gathered. Writer : David Muñoz. Art : Manuel Garcia.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Isabella She-Wolf Of France

Daughter of Philip IV, Isabella put Europe to fire and blood for most medieval war that Europe has known, the Hundred Years War. The humiliation she suffered daily in his private life generates in this queen a terrible revenge she does not measure all the consequences beforehand. Battered woman, a free woman, she is "She-Wolf of France". Scénario : Thierry Gloris, Marie Gloris . Design : Jaime Calderón.
Face the flames that eat the flesh of the Grand Master of the Templars, Isabella, Princess of France and Queen of England, considering his fate. Daughter of a king, the wife of another, sex and rank have not allowed him to choose freely. As for his desires, if any, they have always been subject to its function: silent before being cast. Worse, Isabelle must suffer in silence as her husband prefers her lovers. Having his son for consolation, the one that knows the love that reasons of state ruminates his hatred and rancor, awaiting its hour; one where she can finally take the reins of her destiny. After Eleanor, the black legend , the series Blood Queens hosts the first part of the diptych dedicated to Isabella of France (1292-1358). Nicknamed "the Wolf" because of its violent nature, the sovereign of England, daughter of Philip the Fair, known for historical novels enthusiasts to the place and the role it plays in the famous saga of Maurice Druon, The kings cursed.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Francois Sans Nom

At the end of the Hundred Years War, the reign of Louis XI. François Sans Nom is a trail surveyor, a vagabond who travels as opportunities arise. They say he would be the poet Villon, missing since his forced exile in Paris. François unabated more than he nods. His physique and age suggests that he has no life easy. Scholar, resourceful, cheerful, it can also show irascible, brutal and merciless. He put his backpack in a sculptor who works with new ornaments of the cathedral in honor of the bishop of Aussigny Thibault. François prefers more provocative works, those hidden deep in the workshop. 
Félyzée, a little thief pulls the cheeky, crosses his path one day. 
Thief pickpocketing, felize was spotted as she attempts to steal a purse at the market. Fleeing the watch, she is helped by a stranger she follows up with a stonemason. Hired as a cook, the girl rubs her providential savior but failed to pierce the mystery surrounding this François Sans Nom. Arriving in town a year earlier, the man seems marked by life, does not like the soldiery and becomes a poet. Scenario: Sylvain Runberg. Design: Marco Bianchini. Francois Sans Nom.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


After a race, the greatest treasure of mankind. Centuries have passed since the rain began to fall, tireless, endless. Global warming, climate change or mere anger of the gods, no one knows or remembers. But the flood occurred and humanity was divided between those who are parties in the stars and those who sank under water. It was an eternity ago. Scenario: Nicolas Pona. Design: Jesús Hervás Millán. Deluge.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jason Brice

London, 1920. After the Great War, many mediums and other spiritualists who against hard cash to help grieving mothers or wives to "communicate" with their disappeared son or husband. Jason Brice, Cartesian nature detective by profession, his lucidity and offers its services to these women ready to believe anything. It dismantles the tips, tricks and scams of these merchants of the occult, the paranormal who has a background of very lucrative business. 
Disillusioned by the inhumanity of some and the naivety of others, Jason Brice does not believe in much, and certainly not the dark forces! Until one day a pretty young woman asks him to investigate a mysterious book in which is told in detail killing his close. Scénario: Alcante (Didier Swysen) | Design: Milan Jovanovic.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Black Stone

Paris, in 1860. Nelson and Jenny Sullivan Staightback end their miserable association with Jean-Jacques Bonneteau to try their luck in London. But the meager success they manage to get the child ends when they are on stage to mine to make it disappear actually evaporates. Before fleeing the angry crowd, Nelson just time identify in the box where the boy was, a black stone. While his former companions in the most crases galleys, Nelson boarded a liner in the direction of the United States, and realizes with shock that is now really able to do magic.
It is in a gothic atmosphere and shrouded in mystery that prompts for Black Stone, new series where the dark meanderings of the human spirit are as much to fear as occult powers magic a series of near mind movies the Prestige and the Illusionist Neil Burger, where magic and real magic cleverly combine for a fantastic and exciting plot. Scenario: Eric Corbeyran. Design: Eric Chabbert.