Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Bit of Madness

In the Middle Ages when Christianity destroys any other belief, the world of Faerie dies under the influence of demonic forces. To save it from destruction, the Fairy Queen entrusts Igguk Plitchwook, "the memory of the Elves' mission to seek the Heart Crystal. For this elven alchemist, this is the beginning of extraordinary adventures. A comic by Emmanuel Civiello. A Bit of Madness.
The Samain is a magical day for it is that of our departure! As every year, Faërie surround himself again chimeras and mist and disappear from this part of the world. Oddly, we go before the big date. Oh? Why ? Nobody knows. Except the Queen!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Where no weapon in hand, Caesar reign over a small bunch of kids and ensures the survival of his family, a sick mother and an elder sister étudiante.Lorsqu'il fails during a new mission, fragile little world collapses: killer becomes target. A comic by Laurent Galandon and Michele Benevento. Gemelos.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Martian Geography

After colonization of Mars by earthlings, the planet is entering a period of stagnation during which all the moral and ethical values ​​implanted by Earthlings prove exceeded. Is the perfect world possible? In fact the same mistakes made by leaders of the Earth will be repeated, emphasizing the frustration of some utopian and revolutionary. A series of anticipation that already requires a name, Sergio Garcia, Spanish designer promised better future. Martian Geography.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Book of Skell

Troubled by revelations that has left him in Asolah will, run, Skell seeks to know everything, though that it is worth being persecuted as heretical. How Asolah he knew the future, and therefore, execution of the same hand the young woman! Why he did nothing to prevent it ? This drug taken by heretics, is it so bad for their faith as is claimed? What revelations thus contain the banned books, locked in a safe black as hell and buried at the bottom of the index abyss? His tenacity will take her well beyond her beliefs, and question its very design world. A comic by Valérie Mangin and Servain. The Book of Skell.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


November 2001, Kabul. Cindy, FBI special agent, is looking for the man who broke his country, Osama bin Laden. Tricks, torture, intimidation techniques, the young woman is determined to use all methods to get information. When she first met Batoor Khan, an Afghan who speaks English and is willing to cooperate against the Taliban, she thinks to approach the goal. A comic by Jean-Claude Bartoll and Jef. Manhunt.
Following the deadly attack in Afghanistan on the basis of Khost, the CIA is on the teeth. After 10 years of tracking, Cindy Mayer learned with joy sending field workers in significant numbers in Pakistan to push intelligence to the extreme. While Osama bin Laden is trying to reactivate its network, one of his messengers eventually attract the attention of Americans.

Friday, August 26, 2016

WW 2.2

The Battle of Paris, conducted by Chauvel, Boivin and Henninot, is the first volume of WW.2.2, an alternate history story of war-like. Goering launched the offensive on Belgium and France. But torrential rain put an end to hopes of a quick victory for the Wehrmacht. The Germans aim to take Paris. Emptied of its occupants, the capital is defended by small groups of French soldiers. One of them, commanded by Sergeant Meunier, will play a decisive role in the battle ahead, the first turning point . war will be the battle of Paris the 1st volume of WW.2.2 begins with a prologue that introduces the idea around which built this comic unusual: a man tells how, in November 1939, he killed Adolf Hitler. A comic by David Chauvel and Hervé Boivin.
December 1940 Gibraltar. The Rock of Gibraltar, which is located in British hands, is the access to the Mediterranean. The Germans managed to convince the Spaniards to fight with them side by side to an attack under the name Operation Felix perform. On December 31, 1940, Germany will have the opportunity to lead the world's strategic and military capabilities with an environment characterized by bold tactics plan in mind. Julius Klieber, captain of the mountain troops, taking part in the attack, but he has a secret mission, the discovery of a possible betrayal.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Hollywood Detective

Hippolyte Fynn, a private detective living in Hollywood, saves the life of a writer, and is soon embroiled in the most exciting case of his career, for a killer is on the loose in Universal Studios. At the Hollywood Premier of the film “The Revenge of the Raven”, Amanda Benson, famous reporter of Spotlight Magazine, is murdered. And Hippolyte Fynn will run into several more surprises over the course of his investigation. Script: Rivière and Bocquet; Colors: Berthet and Topaze. The Hollywood Detective.
Who is hiding behind Miss Rutledge, posing as a writer intending to visit Wrightsville for inspiration? For whom is James Everett, a Yankee from Connecticut, trying to buy up a large number of movie theatres? Why is Hippolyte Finn, the detective from Hollywood, taking a trip on the Billionaire W. S. Bishop's yacht? What connection is there between Zelda van Dorn and the murder of W. S. Bishop's brother Walter? Questions upon questions, whose answers are to be found in the sleepy town of Wrightsville. Hippolyte Finn is about to take on the hardest case of his career.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Gigantik is a series of strip-cartoons of Science Fiction straddling the series Valerian and Star Trek . Its name refers to the planet-spacecraft which starts from the adventures of the hero. Gigantik The series was created for the German magazine ZACK ( Super As in French). Scenario: Víctor Mora | Drawing: Jose Maria Cardona.
Gigantik is actually the name of a huge asteroid turned into a new world and launched from Earth in the year 2078. Set within a huge bubble, inhabited by thousands of people picked (mostly scientists and military ), the New Earth is going to storm the sky to discover new worlds. This gigantic spaceship is sufficient in itself: the water is produced there, air, light, and all the food resources for the survival of its occupants. He is accompanied by two satellites: Balmung, a satellite equipped with the latest combat technology and Abraxas, a kind of artificial sun for Gigantik.

Monday, August 22, 2016


The GI's punaisaient (in English "To pin-up") drawings or photos of their starlets on the wall of their barracks. A literal translation of "Pin-Up" in French would be "Bug down," which has nothing to do and we digress (? Though). Pin-Up so, we continue to call them, these creatures of dreams that allowed soldiers to escape moments in their sad condition. Airmen also adopted them. Their luscious and generous shapes adorned the cabins warplanes and flanks bounced bombers. The young drivers their virtues were lucky. They often christened their plane the nickname of the starlet contained therein. Their success was such that the cartoonist Milton Caniff (authentic designer, creator in 1942 of a series commissioned by the army, called Male Call, and which has inspired Yann Berthet and to create Pin-Up) did not hesitate to take with him his models in the flesh during his tours in US bases. Screenplay: Yann Le Pennetier | Design: Philippe Berthet.
December 1941. Pearl Harbor precipitated the United States in World War II. Joe is one of those young GI who think reassembled block smashing the Japanese in three weeks. In fact, the only survivor of his patrol, he goes into hiding for months in a remote atoll, before being "recovered" with one John Fitzgerald Kennedy failed to close. Dottie, his fiancee as blonde qu'innocente, languishes pending his letters. It is hosted by her friend Talullah - as dark as cynical - that finds him a job at Yoyo's Club. But now the girls of the box are hired as models pinup lucky designed by Milton on cabins bombers. With a treatment for Dottie: it will Poison Ivy, pulpy and patriotic heroine of the BD that the army controlled Milton Caniff, giant comics who actually served as models and was touring with her on the forehead creatures. Joe, who rediscovered the joys of the army, finds Poison Ivy and, like all his classmates, falls in love. Unable guess that Poison Ivy and Dottie are one and he sends to Dottie, become too bland for his taste, a very macabre breakup letter.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Formed by the US Secret Service, Arrouan Nomad has the power to penetrate computer memory. He will escape to join his brothers Tuareg of Niger. He then embarked on a mare that will take him to Japan. Screenplay: Jean-David Morvan | Design: Philippe Buchet & Sylvain Savoia.
Nomad is an Arrouan. One being with the power to penetrate into the memories of the most sophisticated computers. Confiscated, trained, educated by the US secret services, it has become a formidable weapon. With his gifts, no secrets can not be preserved, no more hidden information. During a mission Arrouan, through the memory of a computer, collects the call of his people, the Tuareg. Therefore, it will do everything to reach his own. But the Nomad is an "object" too valuable to be allowed to escape. As for Arrouan he knows nothing about the rough and rugged life of Blue Men. Because the desert has become a place where the fiercest guerrilla rampant.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Nine dead, nine seconds, just one shooter: an investigation with a strong sense of "deja vu" for Inspector Wonderball, San Francisco's most maligned cop. A comic by Fred Blanchard and Colin Wilson. San Francisco, 1983. A spree killer kills 9 people on a busy street from a rooftop. Inspector Spaddaccini, nicknamed Wonderball by his colleagues because he eats candy all day, is responsible for the investigation. The speed of the killer reminds him of an event which marked his career: the Kennedy assassination. 
Being forced leave pending the results of the internal investigation into the death of the "Hunter" Wonderball attends the funeral of his friend Bob Archer. There he is approached by a mysterious individual claiming to know the relationship between the Invisible College and the death of Archer. These revelations lead Wonderball in the footsteps of his past as well as tombs carved into the Nevada desert.

Friday, August 19, 2016


Jonas Crow, undertaker, should convey the coffin of a former miner who became a millionaire to the vein that was once his fortune. A comic by Xavier Dorison and Ralph Meyer.
A funeral should be quiet, except for one detail: before dying, Joe Cusco swallowed his gold take her with him in eternity. No luck, the secret is out and causes the fury of minors Anoki City. How to let bury such a fortune as to survive, they sweat blood in the veins? As Jonas said, "death never comes alone". Jonas Crow, undertaker, Rose, English governess, and Lin, Chinese domestic, must bring the remains filled with gold lode of old Cusco.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Smoke City

After six years underground, a criminal gang comes together once again, to pull off an incredible heist: For their employer they are to steal a mummy from a well guarded museum. They all accept. But none of the group suspect what's really behind the job, or that there is a traitor in their midst. On top of it all, it seems the Mummy still has a little life left in it.
The fate of Smoke City, that fascinating city, where at night even the shadows turn to light, could change forever. Scénario: Mathieu Mariolle & Benjamin Carré | Design: Benjamin Carré.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We, The Dead

Sixteenth century, Europe suffered an epidemic that turns men into zombies. 500 years later, the other side of the ocean, the Aztec people, maintained threat of colonization, continued to grow. His only link with Europe, a group of strange men arrived by boat shortly after the outbreak. The surprising survival of these plot the Aztec emperor. He decided to send an expedition to understand this mystery. A comic book by Darko Macan and Igor Kordey. We, The Dead.
For almost seven centuries, Europe was the continent of the dead. Yet these dead do not rest in peace. They at war against each other, endlessly. In the midst of this perpetual battlefield that Manco and his little band of survivors will try to find the fountain of youth. Some do not survive the journey, others will rise after death, while a strange companion will join their quest.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Iron Divisions

1946: The War Begins! Iron Divisions mecha is a new warrior alternate history series featuring mecha giant Panzers. How the appearance of a new technology in 1944 will turn the tide of World War II and lead the Germans to victory. "Red Commando" is set to the opening of the album "Iron Divisions." On the eastern front, the last pockets of resistance to the Red Army fall one after the other. To save Moscow, General Zhukov meets the Red Commando. Bundled up in their armored and mechanized armor, the greatest heroes of the Red Army will participate in an operation last chance: to seize the best Nazi Mekapanzer and turn it against the German army. But in the Red Commando Zhukov commits perhaps a mistake by including Nia, the fiery idealist driver and a political fanatic Komissar brutal command. They will have to learn to fight side by side or to die! A comic by Jean-Luc Sala and Ronan Toulhoat.
With an exciting technology, Wehrmacht changed the course of the war. With huge mobile fortresses, Mékapanzers she is about to crush the Red Army. Already, the Soviet government in exile in Moscow and Alaska is threatened. To stop the offensive, it remains a last resort: form a commando in charge of seizing the Wilhelm Gustloff Mekapanzer, the largest and most powerful of the terrible Nazi gear. We have to find not only talented fighters, but also willing to give their lives to the country in a suicide operation, what the zealous political commissar Kirijin intends to ensure. Ronan Toulhoat seemed to take distance with the alternate history and World War II. Obviously he has cracked and seems to be very happy. Indeed, it is in their heart's content, enjoying the many fight sequences to play all his knowledge of the movement.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Block 109

October 1946, the SS between the Belgian Congo, to take control of its uranium mines and coltan. On site, the resistance led by Colonel Leclerc, puts the German forces to the test. The Reich then decided to send a unit consisting of men of criminal Legions. His mission: find Leclerc and his men, and eliminate them. Writer: Vincent Brugeas | Design: Ronan Toulhoat. Block 109.
"They come in parasite, flying over the jungle like a swarm of locusts, noisy and harmful. Certain of their superiority and their civilization. They imagine themselves to be the lords of these places. That's good, that's how the jungle like ... " February 1947. While Germany defeated the Allies with nuclear weapons, fighting in Africa have not ceased. That's why Shell and his men landed in the Congo. The former Belgian colony indeed attracts all desires by the presence of rich deposits of uranium and coltan, essential for the war in the east. This is Colonel Leclerc and survivors of Operation Torch leading this fierce guerrilla and bring the Nazis to call on soldiers penal legions. But to flush resistant, Shell will have to deal with his superior, hateful Skorzeny, but also with the jungle, this green hell...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

One Night in Rome

Raphael and Sophia live together. A few days before his birthday, Raphael receives an old VHS by mail. He views the rediscovered and twenty years with one of his first loves. Married. Both were filmed and had promised whatever happens in their lives, to spend the night in their forty years together in Rome. 
A phone call the next day. Married. The same voice that twenty years. The same intonations, the same laugh. Of course, it would be completely childish to chuck everything and find in Italy. It would be stupid and immature. But how resist a stupid and immature promise? A comic by Jim. One Night in Rome.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Airborne 44

December 1944. The Battle of the Bulge has been raging for several days. In a forest covered with snow and frost, faraway explosions still reach the ears of an Airborne GI lying shot in the snow. Facing him, two helpless children try to prevent him from dying. But, a blood stain is crawling inexorably across the snow. A comic by Philippe Jarbinet. Airborne 44.
Red light. Basins. Enlarger. Photos drying on a wire. In the room where his brother was developing his photos before the war, Gabrielle looks Osterlin appear the faces of women and children, naked bodies face guns and tanks in the middle of nowhere. The reality of Nazi barbarism sprang past on photo paper, supported by the strength of a meticulous narrative that leaves no room for doubt. For Gabrielle, Luther and Casmir, war takes on a meaning that few people in the West had realized. And for good reason. The 1005 directive from the person Reichsführer Himmler demanded that all traces of the killings in against Jews on the Eastern front is ruthlessly hunted and deleted. Nobody had to know. On the ground, Himmler almost succeeded. In the memoirs, it was quite different.