Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Druuna is an erotic science fiction and fantasy comic book character created by Italian cartoonist Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri. Most of Druuna's adventures revolve around a post-apocalyptic future, and the plot is often a vehicle for varied scenes of hardcore pornography and softcore sexual imagery. Druuna is frequently depicted as sparsely clothed or nude, and Serpieri's high quality renditions of her are often reproduced as poster prints.
Druuna starred in eight volumes of the Morbus Gravis (Severe Disease) series between 1985 and 2003. These stories were featured prominently in Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal magazines. Druuna has also been featured in Serpieri's numerous and popular sketchbooks, which have sold more than a million copies in twelve languages. Serpieri himself appears in many of the stories as the character Doc.

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Centron Files

A gigantic megalopolis, Centron, suffers from three troubles: a rise in sea level and pollution due to climate change, a shortage of everything, and chronic overpopulation. That is why, every year, over 400,000 citizens, selected by the computer ATROPOS, are eliminated during what is called Egalitarian Control. A delicate mission entrusted to a special elite force, nicknamed Weasels. The Centron Files (Les chroniques de Centrum). Afif Khaled : artist, colorist, cover. Jean-Pierre Andrevon : writer.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Dampyr is a series in comic books published by Sergio Bonelli Editore . The creators Dampyr are Mauro Boselli and Maurizio Colombo. Originally planned as a mini-series, Dampyr started as a regular Bonelli volume after the closing of Zona X, that was mainly written by the same authors, and because the publisher was trying to launch some new titles. It's published monthly since 2000. Harlan Draka, born in 1945 in a small village lost his mother who died in childbirth, and almost without having ever seen his father, grew up haunted by the bad reputation of being the son of a witch. Once grown, ekes out a living wandering in the neighboring countries together with a young boy, Yuri, posing as a dampyr, a son of a vampire and a human woman, can eliminate hypothetical cases of vampirism in people already dead. 
His life will come to a turning point when, called by Kurjak, a rude soldier at the head of a small troop of men, in a local war infested with vampires , he discovers to be a really dampyr thanks to Tesla, a vampire which soon will become his ally. The blood of dampyr is poisonous for the Masters of the Night , a race of supervampiri which infests our world; Harlan therefore decided to dedicate his life to their destruction, accompanied by faithful companions Kurjak and Tesla. Also it receives the financial and moral help of Caleb Lost, an Amesha representative of one of the two "sides" that for millennia vie for domination of reality.

Friday, February 24, 2017


Dungeon (French title: Donjon) is a series of comic fantasy comic books created by Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim, with contributions from numerous other artists. It was originally published in France by Delcourt as a series of graphic albums; English translations of the first several stories have been released by NBM Publishing, first in a black-and-white periodical version and now as several color graphic novels.
The series is a parody of sword and sorcery conventions in general, and specifically of the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. All of the characters are either anthropomorphic animals or other strange creatures. The "dungeon" of the title is, in the original series, a business establishment run by a mild-mannered chicken, where heroes come in search of adventure and treasure and invariably die. The timeline in the main continuity is described as the stages of day; the series that lead up to the dungeon's creation are described in the Potron-Minet (Dawn) segment, the castle's glory days are described as its Zénith, and its inevitable decay is described in the Crépuscule (Twilight) stories.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Paul series

Michel Rabagliati (born 1961) is a Canadian cartoonist born and based in Montreal. He is published by Drawn and Quarterly in English, and La Pastèque in French. Rabagliati has written and illustrated several semi-autobiographical comic books each furthering the life story of his protagonist Paul. The series includes Paul in the Country, Paul Has a Summer Job, Paul Moves Out, and Paul Goes Fishing, and The Song Of Roland. In addition, Rabagliati has published shorter stories featuring Paul including "Paul in the Metro." In 2005, "Paul in the Metro" was reprinted along with other material as "The Adventures of Paul", one of Drawn and Quarterly's comics for Free Comic Book Day. In 2006, he won the Doug Wright Award for Best Book for Paul Moves Out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Water Memory

Caroline has recently separated from her husband. She decides to move with her daughter Marion to the house where she grew up, and which she has now inherited upon the death of her mother. The house stands at the edge of a cliff, near a harbor village.Young Marion, deprived of her own father, seeks to learn more about her grandfather — Caroline’s father — who disappeared at sea 30 years ago. 
Marion is fascinated by the strangely-shaped cliffs that face the sea. Her curiosity leads her to make friends with an elderly man who has lived a hermit-like existence in his lighthouse since he was released from prison. He confessed to the murder of his wife. But, in the absence of evidence, the courts set him free. Marion discovers that her grandfather and this old man knew each other once. Then, the hermit reveals to her that a curse links his family with the fate of the entire village. And Marion’s own grandfather bore witness to this – before his sudden, brutal disappearance… Water Memory Script by Mathieu Reynès - Art by Valérie Vernay.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Battle

The Battle (French: La Bataille) is a historical novel by the French author Patrick Rambaud that was first published in 1997. The English translation by Will Hobson appeared in 2000. The book describes the 1809 Battle of Aspern-Essling between the French Empire under Napoleon and the Austrian Empire. The action in the novel follows closely historical observations and descriptions as seen from the French perspective. La Bataille is the first book of a trilogy by Rambaud about the decline of Napoleon, describing his first personal defeat in a European battle; the other two books cover Napoleon’s defeat in Russia in The Retreat and his banishment at Elba in Napoleon’s Exile. 
The epic tale of the Battle of Essling continues! The opening scene plunges us right into the action as Napoleon’s soldiers engage in a bitter struggle against the Austrians. This is a comic brimming with real historical figures, from Napoleon, to Masséna, to Stendhal, and even Colonel Lejeune, for all of whom Rambaud found his inspiration in the historical archives of the epoch. Script by Frédéric Richaud Patrick Rambaud - Art by Ivan Gil.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Jazz Maynard

Set in present day Barcelona. Jazz Maynard and his friend Theo are captives, tied to their chairs in a seedy room. They have no idea why, nor who is holding them prisoner. But Jazz has just come out of a dangerous adventure. Three days earlier, in New York, his sister – whom he hadn’t seen in ten years – sent him a desperate letter pleading for help… and that’s how it all begins…Script by Raule - Art by Roger.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Terry Pratchett's Discworld

Discworld is a comic fantasy book series written by the English author Terry Pratchett (1948–2015), set on the fictional Discworld, a flat disc balanced on the backs of four elephants which in turn stand on the back of a giant turtle, Great A'Tuin. The books frequently parody or take inspiration from J. R. R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft, Charles Dickens, and William Shakespeare, as well as mythology, folklore and fairy tales, often using them for satirical parallels with current cultural, political and scientific issues. The series is popular, with more than 80 million books sold in 37 languages.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Corto Maltese

This story finds Corto reuniting with many friends from previous stories, searching for the Mu, the fabled lost city. The Mu story is incredibly convoluted, making this a particularly hard translation. Lots of statements contradicting previous statements. It took me a while to come to the decision that Pratt was doing this on purpose, but the discovery of just what Mu turns out to be is a big part of the ongoing story. This one is one of the longest Corto stories, and there are a lot of trippy dreams and dreamy trips that happen throughout. This is the loosest of Pratt's draftsmanship, and my favorite Corto Maltese art. The story meanders all over the place. The ending is in fact very affecting, especially if one has read some of the previous books (Corto Maltese in Siberia would be the key book there).

Friday, February 17, 2017


Lured by visions of fame and big city excitement from her small midwest hometown, Margot instead finds her spotlight as a "wrecker" in the seedy and dangerous ghettos of Harlem. Working secretly as an advocate for the homeless, she is enlisted by the famous philanthropist Aubrey Monk, who has plans of his own for New York's down and out...but whose interests does he have in mind? Created by Jerome Charyn and Massimiliano Frezzato.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Sarvane is a Spanish comics series featuring an eponymous character, written by Antonio Segura and drawn by Jordi Bernet. The series was launched in the comics magazine Cimoc in 1982, had a relatively short serial run before the artist and writer moved on to their next collaboration, Kraken.
Sarvane is a woman living in a fantasy-science fiction environment, on a barbarous planet where a blonde astronaut, Heloin, arrives. The volatile Sarvan claims him for herself, and this generates an almost endless series of struggles. In many of these clashes Sarvan dresses in a revealing bikini that frequently slides down.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jerry Mail

Jerry Mail is a series of comic book adventure and action featuring the stunt Jerry Mail in a series of investigations. Stuntman and animator of shows, Jerry Mail is contacted by a Don Lucas who entrusts him with a mission: to find and bring back a safe by means of an important reward. During his attempts to get his hands on the famous chest, Jerry Mail crosses the road of Delph, agent of the FLEA (Federal police) which confirms to him belonging to the mafia of Don Lucas, great sponsor of the organized crime. Jerry and Delph will join forces to put Don Luca out of harm's way, including storming the Mafia godfather's fortress. Screenplay: Joachim Diaz (Volume 2), Yves Le Hir (Volume 1). Drawings: Joachim Diaz.
In A Time to Die a conflict between the warrior empire Zu Chon Rei to peaceful Jatta. The leaders of the planet Jatta decide to shelter one of the symbols of their people, their future princess. Learning that, the Zu CHon Rei decides to hire a mercenary terrorist, the Baron, who sets up a team to find and liquidate the future princess. The team includes a certain DJ Kobb with superhuman physique and ability to generate holograms, and Mr. Van Liemt, a billionaire using such sophisticated and deadly weapons. For its part, the FLEA groups its best agents, including Jerry Mail in a special team in charge of protecting the princess: the Bad Company. The confrontation is inevitable.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


A gripping supernatural thriller of biblical proportions quite literally. When detective Jason Ash arrives on the scene of a particularly strange murder in the suburbs of New Orleans, little does he know that he is about to take on the case of a lifetime. Written by screenwriter Thomas Fenton and drawn by Jamal Igle (DC's Supergirl, Teen Titans: Titans of Tomorrow ) and Steven Cummings. Dominion.
As dead people begin to come back to life, revealing that they hail from a realm where angels fight for power, it becomes clear that an epic battle between good and evil is at play, one threatening the very future of humanity. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Bang Bang

You do not have to push: you can be very beautiful, know how to use and abuse your charms in any situation, when you scam Al Capone himself, you can expect that the atmosphere turns to the " thunderstorm. Its name is the Cicca, but everyone calls it Bang-Bang. A name that pushes crime. And it continues ! After scamming Al Capone himself, the beautiful Cicca escaped to Mexico, with a horde of wicked soldiers, two lovers of the heart, and a band of bandits more attracted by the dollars than by the Revolution. Arriba arriba! An adult gangster comic created by Carlos Trillo & Jordi Bernet.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Real Woman

Walthery puts tremendous effort into his erotic comics, which makes them eminently readable. Imagine that you wake up. You get out of a long sleep and you feel weird. You notice that your hair is long and silky. You look at your hands and they are finer, your nails are long and manicured. At the first words you pronounce, your voice sounds strange to your ears, it is more acute. You get up slowly, your head turns, and when you bend down to put on your slippers, a double cushion is wedged between your chest and your knees interrupting your movement. Your hand tries to clear the obstacle and you notice that the cushions are made of soft and fragrant flesh. 
The mirror on which you rush gives you the image of a girl with long curved legs, fine waist and perfect chest. But now you are called Antoine, and until recently you were a most natural man, an eternal mistress of pretty girls, a lover of women, of all women. A Real Woman (Une femme dans la peau / Johanna) created by François Walthéry.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Thomas Ott Assorted Collections

There aren't many comix artists from German-speaking countries whose work has been translated into other languages. Luckily, the Swiss artist Thomas Ott makes wordless scratchboard comix, which helps in making his work known in the rest of the world. Born in Berne, Ott studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich and began working in the independent comics scene in the second half of the 1980s. His work was published in various European magazines, including Ahai, Hochparterre, Okay Erotik Magazin, Strapazin, Tagesanzeiger-Magazin and Weltwoche in Switzerland, Boxer, Geo-Spezial, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Tempo in Germany, as well as El Vibora in Spain and Bulles Dingues, Culte, L'Écho des Savanes, Libération, Stronx and Vogue in France. 
The titles of his books, like 'Tales of Error' and 'Hellville, Tales from the Edge', already suggest that he is fond of the darker sides of life, which he depicts in his books with painstaking clarity. Since 1995, he is a regular contributor to Lapin, the publication of the French publisher L'Association (he has lived in Paris since 1990). Among his other books are 'Cinema Panopticum', 'Greetings from Hellville' and 'The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8'. The multi-talented Thomas Ott makes animations, was the lead singer of a band called The Playboys, and on top of this, he makes political satires, comics and caricatures for various newspapers and magazines.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Guild

Astraban had everything to live happily: he was close to Lydia, the one he loved, he had gained the confidence of Lord Braezel, the local godfather, the City respected him. Yet, out of jealousy, he loses everything while forgetting the mission his master had entrusted to him! 
Against the background of sports betting, doping, and municipal elections, Astraban discovers the hidden face of the city, that of beggars, hamstrings, clandestine alchemists. Fortunately, the young wolf can count on the help of the seductive Agapee. With two, they will try to make a place in the sun, helping a mysterious dragon. Following the adventures of the young and fiery Astraban, narrated on a train of hell by Miroslav Dragan, with counterpoint the formidably tonic images of Oscar Martín. Irresistible. The Guild.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Ireland, Ulster Province, XII century AD. The first night in November. Night of Samhain, the night when there are mysterious trail that connects our world with the world of magical creatures and gods from the time of the heroes that have passed long ago. Korrigans. A comic created by Emmanuel Civiello and Thomas Mosdi.