Tuesday, April 25, 2017


"Meteora" Alena Kuznetsova - space smuggler, who is always ready to get involved in any, even the most dangerous adventures. With explosive, sharp character (for which she earned the nickname "Meteora") and incredible accuracy, she kept finding new adventures on his head.The most dangerous thing in space
METEORA (just Ora, if you're a friend) Legendary space smuggler Alena Kuznetsova is always ready for the riskiest gambles. Her explosive temper (that earned her her nickname) and unbelievable marksmanship are the reason Ora is never short of adventures.Written by Artem Gabrelyanov. Art by Denis Popov.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Think Thank

Athabasca, Province of Alberta, Canada. A manager of Oil Sands Inc., which has the world's largest oil sands reserves, dies in a car accident. Edward Shope, an analyst at the American Think Thank, American Institute for International Progress, specializes in alternative energy sources to oil. This accident gives him the opportunity to analyze on the ground the potential of these oil sands as well as to discover this famous company Oil Sands. 
Ed Shope and Maud Watts continuing their investigation into Oil Sands in Shanghai. Their arrival will be quickly followed by an attack and a wild ride in the center of the economic capital of China. It is now clear that Oil Sands is the center of a battle without thank you between the British investment fund KRK Central China Petroleum, the second Chinese oil group.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


2020, in the north of Russia. On a stormy day, sailor Rogo disappears into the open sea as he searches for a mysterious treasure. Inconsolable, Yiya, her adopted daughter, dives in turn to try to find the remains of this father she loves madly. Thus she discovers a strange sanctuary engulfed ... Its journey is only beginning!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Codex Sinaiticus

In the footsteps of the very first version of the Old Testament. A dangerous, erudite, fascinating quest. "I am the one who follows." This is the last sentence of the testament that his father left to the young and brilliant researcher Christopher Wertmann. A strange formula borrowed from another testament: the Old Testament in which Chris will find a second letter, which will send it in the footsteps of the Codex Sinaiticus, the very first version of this founding text of Christendom. A first version, which is said to contain mysterious secrets, which several Nazi scholars tried to discover in their time, and in particular a certain ... Kurt Wertmann, Christopher's own grandfather. Aware that " He must shed light around his father's death and protect the Codex from the wrong hands between which he seems to be about to fall, Christopher immediately sets out for the most dangerous of adventures. Between pure action and pure erudition, a new great series with the epic and esoteric breath has just begun.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Best Job in the World

Heavenly island seeks guardian. Salary $ 150,000. Foresee sunscreen ... This is the "best job in the world", proposed by the Australian State of Queensland in 2009, as part of a tourism promotion campaign. Among the many tens of thousands of candidates, it was Doug Ellis, a young London trader, who won the best job in the world! He will be the guardian of a desert island off Australia, in a comfortable villa! 
Everything seems idyllic, although some details begin to intrigue Doug, like that strange cross planted under a tree in the garden, these mysterious scars raised by the owner of the place, or this room in which he was formally forbidden to " Entering ... Exploring his prison, going from discoveries to discoveries, Doug's dream will soon turn into a nightmare: he will gradually understand what this place really is ... Why he is there. Why he was chosen. Why he's alone. But is he really alone?

Thursday, April 20, 2017


1915, Gallipoli (Turkey). A battalion of young engaged Australians is confronted with the barbarism of war. Among them, an aboriginal soldier who, to flee reality, takes refuge in the time of the dream, a myth inculcated by his ancestors. In the hell of the Dardanelles, he meets an idealist officer who has another vision: accepting violence to become a beast of war. Dreamtime. A comic by Stéphane Antoni and Olivier Ormière.
In 1910, armed men disembarked on an evangelical mission and ordered to hand over all the children to them. Forcibly dragged from their parents by these merciless soldiers, the young aborigines were then placed in white families in order to "civilize" them. Thomas Freeman is one of them. Five years later, Australia is preparing to go to war. A battalion of committed young people is about to land on the Gallipoli peninsula, the Turkish front of the First World War. Among the cannon fodder that takes place in the first canoe, Thomas is not only one of the easy targets offered to the enemy, but also that of the racist hatred of his comrades in misfortune. Lost in the hell of the battle of the Dardanelles, he takes refuge in the time of the dream.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Last Cathar

In the 13th century, in the region of Toulouse, Escartille, a young troubadour, will find himself in spite of himself witness of a massacre that the pope would have liked to keep secret. A terrible inquisitor is going to throw himself at his heels. The Last Cathar. A comic by Arnaud Delalande and Éric Lambert.