Monday, May 29, 2017

Non Album Collection 4


Camp Anderson, Georgia, August 1864. In this huge open-air prison, the world is divided in two categories as the Civil war rages: Southern jailers and Northern captives. Between the two: the deadline. The prisoner who crosses this line wins a one-way ticket to hell. One black solider among them, calmly insolent, proud gaze, intrigues the your Confederate soldier. Louis Paugham who is assigned to watch the camp...

The Quest for Answers

Why are the dwarfs small? Are there vegetarian ogres? Can we rely on magic weapons? Why do heroes never take a vacation? Why are princesses always beautiful? ... So many essential questions, which you always ask yourself, about mysteries never pierced. So many answers (finally!) Reasonable and even scientific brought by our specialists elficologists after years of research!

The True Citylegends

Contains 4 narratives co-scripted by Rémi Guérin and Éric Corbeyran: - "La Baby-sitter" (Drawing: Richard Guérineau, Colors: CrazyToons) - "The Cell Phone" (Drawing: Damour, Colors: Usagi) : Alain Henriet, Colors: Usagi) - "The Lighthouse Gang" (Design: Gil Formosa, Colors: Isabelle Drouaillet and Gil Formosa).

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Nowadays, in Japan. In order to escape the violence of his former gang, Yoshi is entrusted by his grandfather to a master tattoo artist. The latter patiently teaches his young disciple a rigorous trade and transmits to him the mastery of the Tebori, a traditional technique of tattoo in the hand. Following an aggression, the master asks Yoshi to take care of discreet but particularly dangerous customers: the Yakuza. A comic by José Robledo and Marcial Toledano.
Ten months have passed since the "accident" of Horiseijun. Never far from his pupil, he recovered gently from his wounds and watched him evolve with pride. Indeed, Yoshi took the torch with ease and did honor to his master. However, the latter remains suspicious of the loving relationship of his protégé. The young man must remain on his guard, his proximity with the Yakuza exposes him and the salon, and he must not go astray.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The New Ice Age Jdrien Cycle

Around 2050, the Moon explodes, undermined by nuclear waste stored by men. A gangue of various dust encircles the Earth, depriving it of solar light and heat. The post-disaster night sets in. Ice climbs pushing back surviving populations to protected islands. Around 2350, a new civilization settled, dominated by clans that control the railway lines, replacing the power of nation-states.  The New Ice Age Jdrien Cycle. A comic by Philippe Bonifay and Studio Jotim.
2350. The Earth is no more than a glacial cap dotted with domes under which various populations live. The people are, one suspects, the most unfortunate: they live under temperatures of less than 15 °. The Aiguilleurs are the masters of the railways, whose motto, "immobility, it is death, mobility, it is life" indicates that cities, dwellings can be transported at any moment. Here are the Shareholders who control everything, especially wealth. They live in an opulence that contrasts with the misery of the People. And then, the Roux, mysterious beings who are cold-weathered and endowed with an impressive sexual appetite. Who are they, where do they come from? Will they be the engine that will cause a society to collapse from injustice, arbitrariness and violence? Indeed, in the image of a pack ice, everything seems frozen in this cloisonné world. Until the day when a simple civil servant, Lien Rag, begins to ask disturbing questions, likely to waver the fortresses on rail.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Fires of Askell

An endless sea, islands where since then have been built and disappear civilizations: Askell. Here, boats of a thousand sorts crisscross the primal ocean, in spite of the monsters which, at every moment, can emerge from the waves and crush the hulls. Merchants and smugglers land in every port, precious cargoes from the most remote archipelagos. Cybil, the voluptuous erotic dancer, Dao X'ian, the mercenary, Brumaire the knife-thrower, Keresquin the Poet and the foam Tittle, Fantastic adventures where action, charm and humor are served by the sumptuous graphics of Jean-Louis Mourier. The Fires of Askell. A comic by Arleston, Scotch and Jean-Louis Mourier.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Royal Blood

The Royal Blood. Script by ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY/ Art by DONGZI LUI/ Published by TITAN COMICS. King Alvar is a noble Christian knight and an able ruler and leader of his soldiers. Alvar is also so fair of face and proud of his noble visage that he has forbidden all his subjects from seeing it, wearing a great helm whenever he is out in public. But when an arrow mortally wounds King Alvar on the field of battle, he asks his cousin Alfred, who is his virtual twin, to don his helmet and finish the battle so his men will not know how close their invincible king has come to death.
But Alfred has designs on playing the king for longer than a single battle, leaving his cousin for dead after fouling his wounds. Alvar’s life is saved when he is discovered by a hunchbacked healer woman. She tends to his wounds and lays with Alvar, as his fever deludes him into thinking the healer is his fair queen, Violena.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Keepers of the Maser

The origins of the great adventure, this new trilogy takes place before the first 6 volumes, and tells the genesis of the war of the dwarfs against humans, orchestrated by Fezu Huher. The heroes of the saga of the Maser are still here all children. Their innocent gaze allows us to know more about the magical universe of the Yoks and the power they have over the inhabitants of the planet ... The Keepers of the Maser. A comic by Massimiliano Frezzato.
The continuation of the monumental saga finally arrives! The secrets of Kolonie are finally revealed ... This album brings us back to the genesis of Kolonie and the settlement of the planet, dominated by human survivors! At the dawn of the eiz 18 of the Kolonie era, when the revolt of the dwarf people was organized against the domination of the long legs, the representatives of the council tried to negotiate and to shelter the few Children born on Kolonie, the immortalis. Nothing will be able to prevent the fight without mercy nor the unleashing of the elements in the Tower ... Will the homo longaevus manage to keep the control of the Tower and its secrets?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Jason Conquers America

Celebrating 10 years of Jason being published in the US, this comic-book-format one-shot is a Jason fan's dream, with lots of previously unpublished Jason strips and artwork, an interview with Jason's colorist Hubert, a checklist of all Jason's books, a Q&A with the man himself, and a visual tributes gallery by several American cartoonists to the towering, taciturn Norwegian genius including Michael Allred, Kim Deitch, and Rich Tommaso.