Saturday, March 17, 2018

Non Album Collection 122

Gudesonn 001 - Walpurgis Night (2017)

In this religious uchrony, only ancient polytheisms are practiced. The economic power of the Scandinavian Federation makes Stockholm the center of major influence of the modern world. It is then that a massacre of infants is perpetrated the night of Walpurgis in the nursery of an isolated village. Police captain Martin Gudesonn is entrusted with the investigation, which will take him to the very heart of power ...

ARNAL & The Two Dragon Fangs (1988)

It is a Czech comic , one of the few who has won the prize abroad. The author of the screenplay is Ondřej Neff , Kája Saudek's drawing. Saudek uses his classic style with numerous shades he used in the seventies and eighties. This is a rather complicated story on the edge of sci-fi , fantasy and fairy tale with elements of humor and exaggeration. The comic has 24 pages.

The Egyptian Princesses

A tale of adventure, conspiracy, and black magic amid the myths and mysteries of Ancient Egypt. Writer : Igor Baranko. Art : Igor Baranko. During Egypt’s 20th dynasty, toward the end of Ramesses III’s reign, a dangerous plot sows disorder inside the royal palace. The conspirators plan to hasten the end of the Pharaoh in order to place the heir of their choice on the throne. Unaware of the scheme, the inseparable daughters of the Pharaoh, Kiki-Nefer and Titi-Nefer, will have to uncover the mysteries of the forbidden knowledge of necromancy and black magic to confront their many enemies.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Redhand, Twilight of the Gods

A powerful and enthralling sci-fi epic about a perfect warrior unleashed in an age of barbarism and sorcery, and fated to one day destroy the gods. Writer : Kurt Busiek, Sam Timel. Art : Mario Alberti, Bazal. Redhand, Twilight of the Gods.
Set free in a foreign world and without memory of his origins, all Redhand wants is a peaceful life. But destiny wants it otherwise. Touched by a prophecy, imbued with incredible fighting skills and immune to magic, he is preordained to bring about great change to a land burdened by strict worship practices and warring factions.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Non Album Collection 121

The Boys of Sheriff Street (2016)

Amid the tenements and riverfronts of the Lower East Side, twin brothers Max and Morris rule the seedy streets as chieftains of a crew of thieves and hoodlums. Tensions rise when a rival gang encroaches upon their Sheriff Street territory, leading to a wave of violence that threatens to develop into an all-out war. The setting becomes even more explosive when a femme fatale enters the scene and tests the brothers' loyalty to each other. With its moody, atmospheric images of New York City's underworld during the 1930s, this graphic novel conjures up the timeless allure of film noir. The haunting illustrations are the work of French artist Jacques de Loustal, who is also a noted painter and graphic artist. This edition includes a series of the artist's preliminary sketches. Author Jerome Charyn, hailed by New York Newsday as"a contemporary American Balzac," provides a new introduction and translation for the tale, which was originally published in French. Suggested for mature readers.

Sartre (2017)

by Mathilde Ramadier , Anaïs Depommier. An emblematic figure of French literature and philosophy, Sartre was a personality apart: a free thinker and a revolutionary, he was a modern man who refused honors. This book recounts with emotion his political commitment, his writings, his fusional relationship with Simone de Beauvoir, the creation of the existentialist movement, etc.

The Sun, The Idea & Story Without Words (2009)

Three wordless novels by a master, told in 206 Expressionistic woodcuts: The Sun, a struggle with destiny; The Idea, the triumph of an artistic concept over suppression; and Story Without Words, a poignant romance. "So compelling, so deeply felt, so rich in ideas, that one never tires of looking at them." — Thomas Mann.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


A seamless blend of samurai swordplay, police procedural, and steampunk in this fast-paced manga-style Sci-Fi Adventure. Writer : Denis-Pierre Filippi. Art : Jean-Florian Tello, Ruiz Velasco, Tirso.
Despite her unpredictable nature, young Hisaya is one of the top Marshals—robot-assisted law enforcement personnel—within the complex political consortiums of the planet Iriu. Her destiny takes an unexpected turn when she’s accused of murdering a high-ranking scientist and forced to go on the run. Teaming up with her expert mechanic grandfather and ambitious young cousin, Hisaya attempts to clear her —and the entire caste’s—name and unravel the conspiracy that threatens the planet. D.P. Filippi (Muse, John Lord), Jean-Florian Tello, Tirso (Whispers in the Walls), and conceptual artist Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Hellboy II, Pacific Rim) seamlessly blend samurai swordplay, police procedurals, and steampunk, in this fast-paced manga-style sci-fi adventure.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Non Album Collection 120

Millennium - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 001 (2017)

Presenting a new vision of the worldwide bestselling Millennium novels by Stieg Larsson, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO is the first comic book adaptation of Lisbeth Salander's harrowing story ever to appear in English.

My War (2015)

"In their passionate intensity these drawings are as emotionally poignant as the very best war work that Paul Nash or Nevinson ever produced, while technically the broad lines and heavy blacks of Mr. Szüts have a sledge-hammer mastery which is more akin to the work of Forain and Steinlen." - The Sunday Times (London). The pen, ink, and wash images of this graphic novel speak louder than words in relating a soldier's experiences during World War I. My War, a dramatic narrative by Hungarian veteran Szegedi Szüts, portrays the tragedy of wartime life on the battlefield as well as on the home front. With pathos and grim humor, more than 200 images trace a young recruit's progress from initial enthusiasm to ultimate disillusionment. Includes new Foreword by Peter Kuper.

Legends of the Tour (2014)

Legends of the Tour by the Dutch illustrator (and amateur racing cyclist) Jan Cleijne. Cleijne tells the story of the Tour in 10 chapters, kicking off with its beginnings in 1903 as a race to promote the French sports newspaper L'Auto (the first Tour was won by Maurice Garin, who was cheered by 10,000 people as he took his victory lap; Garin finished two hours and 49 minutes ahead of the next competitor, still the largest gap between first and second places in the race's history).

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Angel Face

Los Angeles, 1959. Paul Ares receives a call from the police. His ex-wife, Diane, was found murdered in a hotel room. He must now take care of his daughter, Callie, whom he has not seen for years. Veteran of the Korean War, Paul drowned himself in alcohol, moving away from his family. Callie never really forgave him. But today, the little girl has no choice: she must return to live on her father's farm. As she begins to reconnect with him, she perceives strange phenomena. One night, she sees the ghost of his mother, who seeks to reveal to him the circumstances of his death ...
Koldo is a fantastic and moving polar between LA Confidential and the Sixth Sense , whose late 1950s vibe is perfectly restored by Angel Unzueta's stylized and retro graphics. Angel Face.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Non Album Collection 119

Strip 014 (1990) (MavelUK)

The magazine "Strip", in which the story "The Labyrinth of Death" of The fantastic Storm series by Don Lawrence was published. This is a copy of the Strip Magazine #14 (1990) that features an interview + pictures of Don Lawrence at work.

Modern Speed (2017)

Script by Blutch - Art by Blutch. Modern-day Paris. One night, as she’s leaving rehearsal, Lola, a young dancer, is approached by Renée. She introduces herself as a writer, and asks Lola if she could share her life for a while in order to gather material to write a book about her. Despite not feeling entirely comfortable with the idea, Lola accepts. The very next day, Lola and Renée experience the strangest day of their lives, involving an absent father who reappears at random points throughout the book, a bashful but psychopathic admirer, Omar Shariff, and a huge spider… All this is set against a backdrop of a general power cut, a highly demanding dance class and a very rainy day. In the world of today, where everything goes too quickly, twenty-four hours is sometimes enough to change your life.

Geronimo (2017)

1850, Northern Mexico. On the ancestral lands of the Apaches, yet another massacre. A camp is attacked by Mexican soldiers. Among the victims, the woman, the three children and the mother of a young medicine man renowned for his science and his premonitions: Goyahkla, "the one who yawns". Thirsty for revenge, Goyahkla reunites the various Apache tribes to avenge the village where the massacre took place. The great chefs Cochise, Juh, Mangas Coloradas follow him. In the Homeric fight that will follow, Goyahkla will illustrate himself, win the rank of warrior and a new name: Geronimo. Because the Mexican survivors fleeing invoked St. Jerome. But if Geronimo decided to dedicate his life to revenge on the Mexicans, the arrival of the whites will upset everything. The Apaches have to face an even more numerous and more dangerous enemy, which Geronimo will begin to underestimate. It is a desperate struggle, that Geronimo will lead to the limit of his forces and those of his own, elusive for the US Army. Geronimo was the proverbial Indian, living in communion with nature. He was the repository of the ancestral customs of the Apaches, knew his territory better than anyone, the last free Indian.