Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Non Album Collection 61

Adios Muchachos

A beautiful blonde cyclist pedals in a miniskirt through the streets of Havana. The brakes on your bike tend to fail whenever they intersect with a luxury car. When the worried driver comes down to help her always receives the same offer: an invitation to try the homemade food of the mother of the cyclist and some privacy in the bedroom. In return, the girl does not ask for anything, well, if she would accept some gift ... Sketcher Paolo Bacilieri and screenwriter Matz adapt the homonymous novel by Daniel Chavarría , winner of the 2002 Edgar Allan Poe Award for best black novel published in the United States.

Armies (2013)

A collection of stories featuring an unstoppable army and an indomitable hero, all set amid the backdrop of barbaric and medieval lands. Jean-Pierre Dionnet, one of the founders of Metal Hurlant, started a new genre in comics when he collaborated with artist Jean-Claude Gal ( Diosamante ) in the late 1970s: Heroic Fantasy. It shortly thereafter gained the favor of the public and has since grown immensely. This is the occasion for all lovers of the genre to return to its roots. Witness, with the help of Gal's intricate style, the devastating effects of war as you follow an army's forward progress, and then join Arn's bloody quest for revenge.

Through The Walls (2012)

A series of humorous vignettes of everyday French life…except for the fact that each short story features one or more characters that have the uncanny ability of walking through walls. Whether it's a romantic dinner, a friendly bet, or a crush on your co-worker, this special skill promises to "enliven" things quite a bit…

Monday, October 16, 2017

Non Album Collection 60

9 Tigers 01 - Xiao Wei (2009)

One Wan, a young Slayer on the payroll of the secret Society of the 9 Tigers, is on its way to a new contract: the execution of a venerable grandmother of 90 years. After a Homeric duel between the two women, one Wan eventually prevailed. But before giving up the soul, the old lady made her a confidence: she was the one who ordered her own assassination by engaging the best of the 9 Tigers – aka on Wan – her own granddaughter! It exposes him a final request and once this task is completed, one Wan will be free to return to the 9 tigers ... if she still desires it.

Chninkel TPB

"The still-smoking ruins of this ravaged world arose by howling the armies of those called the three immortal: Zembria the Cyclops, Barr-Find Black Hand and Jargoth the fragrant!" So the war was born. And thus began the long slavery of the Chninkel people, who ever ceased to atone for the terrible fault of his ancestors. '' In this world of the worlds that is the universe of the fable, the surprising meanders of the destiny of this little anything that confront the dark powers are unfolding.

Golam 001 - The Son of the Moon (2016)

Through a series of strange circumstances, Mehdi, a pickpocket making his living in the streets of the Abu caliphate, finds himself partaking in the entrance exam for Hikmadrassa, the most prestigious alchemy school on the continent. He might not know much about enchantments, spells and conjuring up golams, but he will soon discover that he’s got a rare power all of his own! As he dives into the world of the golams, Medhi not only meets his first true friends, but he also comes to understand his origins and turns to face his destiny!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Non Album Collection 59

Quintos (Dargaud 2005)

1937, the Civil war rages in Spain between Republicans and fascists. A small group, made up of several individuals of different nationalities, leaves on the front. If their cause seems to be the same (they are all in the democracy camp), their reaction to this war gradually divides them after the attack on their truck. Isolated, they have to think about their own survival ...

Bitcoin - The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto (2014)

In 2008 a mysterious and enigmatic genius using the name Satoshi Nakamoto, created the ultimate tool for global financial disruption now worth six billion dollars: "The Bitcoin Protocol". After publishing his creation and nurturing it he faded away into the shadows of the internet. Now he is being hunted for his fortune, but will his hunters succeed in extracting him from the depths of the web?

The Planet without Pterodactyls

A collection of Romanian comics English Scanlations

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Non Album Collection 58

Thoreau, A Sublime Life (2016)

To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates, a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity and trust. This graphic novel biography relates the forward looking inspirational life of the great author, philosopher and pioneering ecologist. Henry David Thoreau was also the father of the concept, still fresh today (viz 'Occupy Wall St.'), of 'civil disobedience' which he used against slavery and the encroachment of government.

Rain Wolf 001 (2016)

A Western in two volumes that comes out of the beaten path. Bruce, son of the Vincent Mc Dell railroad magnate, protects Rain wolf who just killed, in self-defense, a white man and fled with Little moon, the woman whose brother Jack is in love with ... Little Moon does not yet know who will be her husband, but she has received from her grandfather a monocle with the strange powers that would probably tell him. The Cody clan, who dreams of revenge for the Mc Dell, starts chasing the runaways, after abducting the young and pretty white, sister of the two brothers. Meanwhile, an old man appeared on the road of rain-wolf and small moon, haunted by the desire to find the white buffalo. He steals the monocle... This intimate Western is narrated by a woman: Blanche. Atypical, it addresses the right to difference, the understanding between peoples and the place of women in a society largely dominated by men. The plot, which relies on Indian legends, is full of mysteries.

The Red Poster (2016)

This is the story of Marcel Rayman, a young Polish Jew whose face is featured on the infamous ‘Affiche Rouge’, propaganda circulated in occupied France in an attempt to discredit the Parisian resistance. The Nazi abomination drove Rayman to set aside his pacifist principles and take up arms in the ranks of Missak Manoukian’s resistance movement. For two long years, during which he saw his entire family deported, Marcel Rayman led a clandestine life, shrouded in death, fear and treachery.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Non Album Collection 57

India Dreams T1 - The Ways of Mist (2002)

London, December 1944. Emy hates the Indies. She lost her parents 16 years earlier. And here comes the past. Inadvertently, Emy becomes acquainted with the diary of her mother, Amelia, a young woman resigned, just outside the principles of Victorian England, and confronted by a so-called lewd India, awakening her own sensuality. January 1930. Amélié arrives with Emy on the first liner destined for Bombay, to find Thomas, his husband, captain in the army of the Indies in Khalapour, at Radjasthan. But the reunion is disappointing, Thomas seems to have changed, unless it is Amelia, proven by the suffocating heat reigning in this region located on the edge of the Thar desert. Fortunately, there is Kenneth Lowther, a friend of Thomas, an atheist philosopher and preceptor of the Royal children, who tries to explain to Amelia the disconcerting India, its religion, its customs and the magnificence of its maharajas.

The Shadow's Treasure

Because of their love of both word and image, Alexandro Jodorowsky challenged François Boucq ("Bouncer") to a game. Jodorowsky would write dozens of short stories full of wisdom and humor, poetry and brutality, irony and beauty. From these diverse fables, Boucq would pick forty or so tales to draw, to comment on, to direct. The dialogue between them ended up taking them further than expected. Together, they created a truly original piece of work, where the art was fully intertwined to the writing, as lyrics are to music.

Beast 01 - Yunze, God Of Protection

The ancient human civilizations have been ravaged by a mysterious catastrophe whose survivors cannot accept the magical origin. Three peoples clash in a war without outcome: Humans, other machines and hybrids. Once fallen into torpor, the ancestral deities awaken and incarnate in the form of gigantic animals that seek a cure, but refuse to act in concert in their quest. Uok, the eagle, would like to unite men against the peril of the droid. Tône-Teth, the serpent, calls his followers and foments dark planes. Amrath, the Panther, watch. In the midst of chaos, Yunze, the watchdog, leads the little Nay. This child torn apart by the conflict that is rumbling, is not at the end of her sorrows ... nor of her surprises!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Non Album Collection 56

The Adventures of Chick the 1st 001 - Tweetise on Existence (2015)

1st chick is not a chick like the others. With him, doubts and existential questions make their entrance into the lower court which saw him born. "Who are you?" asks him the dog from the farm, rushing without knowing the first chick in a whirlwind of endless puzzles. Looking for answers to the many questions he asks, Poussin 1 is pushing the social conventions of the henhouse. With the help of her aunt Gallina and the devouring mouse of books, Poussin 1st grabs the real, literally as figuratively! Grumpy, brawler, sometimes in bad faith, chick touches us and makes us laugh!

Atar Gull or the Tale of a Model Slave (2015)

Africa, 1830. Atar Gull, a strapping young slave, finds himself on a certain Captain Benoît’s ship, on his way to the West Indies to be sold. This is no ordinary slave. He is the son of one of the great tribal kings, an athlete, a warrior. He will come at a high price, and not just in terms of money. After a long, unimaginably tough trip, Atar Gull winds up in Jamaica in the service of a plantation owner. It is with this plantation owner that his tragic destiny is entwined. This is a staggering adventure narrated through a superb 88-page volume that will be sure to haunt you long after you’ve turned the last page.

The Secret of the Plants from Fiji -Romania 1988

written by: Habib Abtan; drawings: Magner; published in: Holiday Cutezatorilor; year: 1988-received from Andrei.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Non Album Collection 55

Casati - The Selfish Muse (2015)

This is the tale of Luisa Casati Amman, otherwise known as ‘The Marchesa’, an Italian heiress whose life ambition was to transform herself into a living, breathing work of art. She was obsessed with beauty and extravagance, and devoted her entire family fortune to purchasing the means to astonish her contemporaries with her daredevil style. But her originality extended to more than just the adornment of her own person; she embellished her whole life with a succession of fantastical parties, large houses, ostentatious pets and outrageous public appearances. But, as ever, such exorbitance can hardly last forever… This intriguing biography traces the rise and fall of one of the 20th century’s most fascinating personalities.

Keepers of Lost Time (2012)

Keepers of Lost Time is a Serbian science-fiction comics trilogy wrriten by Miroslav Marić and drawn by Vujadin Radovanović. It is rightfully considered to be a significant work in the history of Serbian fantasy and comics. The first episode was published in 1990, the second in 2000, but it wasn’t until 2012 that the trilogy finally saw its highly anticipated conclusion, published by Darkwood. This future-fantasy comic depicts two cultures – one of high technology, the other – tribal, in moments of their internal crises. They exist synchronously and interdependently, yet are in conflict due to their vastly different perceptions of the world and spiritual values.

Koralovski 001 - The Oligarch (2016)

He was one of the most powerful oligarchs in Russia, but his disobedience to political power was 10 years in prison in Koralovski. Pragmatic and patient, he did not expect early release in the form of a missile attack. Contrary despite him, he will quickly understand that he is at the heart of a conspiracy to conceal this highly geostrategic truth: the end of oil is a myth!