Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chronicles of the Dragon Knights

Sent with other knights of her order, to kill a Dragon hidden in the snowy heights, Knight Raiad is hurt and taken in by a village of mountain dwellers. But when she awakes it is to a nightmare - all the village is affected by the Veile! What will be the fate of these poor infected people, who show no signs of madness, but all the varied deformities of the Dragon's curse? Chronicles of the Dragon Knights.

Friday, December 30, 2016


Hombre is a Spanish comics series written by Antonio Segura and drawn by José Ortiz, first published in 1981 in the magazine Cimoc. A post-apocalyptic series, Hombre is set on Earth after the collapse of the technological civilization. The protagonist moves through the scenery in the manner of a desillusioned solitary survivor, with hidden traces of humanity despite the widespread loss of humanity in most people he encounters, and always with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth. Though the plot is compared with that of Jeremiah, Hombre does not share the underlying motif of hope and survival of mankind of the former.
Created during the resurgence of Spanish comics in the years after the fall of Franco, Segura wrote Bogey and Orka in the same period, though it was Hombre in collaboration with Ortiz that would prove the most successful. After its initial run in Cimoc, Segura and Ortiz brought Hombre to the magazine KO Comics, one of the three magazines the artists' publishing cooperative Metropol produced during its short existence in 1984. After Metropol ceased business, Hombre relocated to the pages of Cimoc for a second run. The Spanish album releases were published by Norma Editorial. Enjoying popularity in France, the series was printed in albums by publishers Kesselring, Magic Strip and Soleil Productions. English language translations of the series appeared in Heavy Metal during the 1980s and 1990s. In Italy, it appeared starting from 1982 in the magazine Lanciostory.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Final Incal

The story from the unfinished After the Incal was rewritten to provide a separate narrative for this volume. The story starts after The Incal climax in which John DiFool encountered flowing-beareded divine being named Orh, witnessing a universe-shaking event, hurtling towards certain death in the acid lake. DiFool forgets about the cosmical encounter, and recovers his memory as the universe faces a threat of a metallic virus. The Prezident was cloned in metallic body, equipped with both chemical and brutal weapons, but also altered mind - operating under the influence of the "destroyer of all living things", the Bentacodon (equivalent to The Incal's Black Egg). He unleashed destructive organic virus called the Biophage 13-X with the purpose of forcing the population to abandon their natural bodies in favor of robotic ones.
The only way to counteract is to reunite John DiFool with his true love, Luz de Garra (from Before the Incal), and the Elohim (a force of goodness) makes four John DiFools from different realities to encounter each other on a quest to find her. It is ridiculed the ego of the allegedly evolved guru DiFool and the super-evolved "angelic" DiFool, and the least enlightened DiFool, the ugliest and most craven, is selected to save the universe. In the end, the cosmic humanity managed to become one collective consciousness, as a true love saves from turning into unfeeling metallic beings. Final Incal.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

After the Incal

The Incal (French: L'Incal) is a French graphic novel series written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and originally illustrated by Jean Giraud. The Incal, with first pages originally released as Une aventure de John Difool ("A John Difool Adventure") in Métal hurlant and published by Les Humanoïdes Associés, introduced Jodorowsky's "Jodoverse" (or "Metabarons Universe"), a fictional universe in which his science fiction comics take place. It is an epic space opera blending fantastical intergalactic voyage, science, technology, political intrigues, conspiracies, messianism, mysticism, poetry, debauchery and satire. The Incal includes and expands the concepts and artwork from the abandoned film project Dune directed by Jodorowksy and designed by Giraud from the early 1970s.
After the Incal (2000, with Jean Giraud), has been described as a contender for "the best comic book" in the medium's history.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Before the Incal

The story is considerably more straightforward noir tale of boundless urban corruption with the relative absence of spiritualistic elements, which dips deeper into exploring the urban fabric of the world of The Incal. The story follows young DiFool living in demimonde. He soon finds that his prostitute mother devoted herself to growing amorine, a drug that restores the ability to love. His father, Olivier DiFool, breaks the law in wearing a fake halo that is the mark of an aristo.
Justice is harsh for such transgressions of class — a legal clause "allows the condemned man to choose between a tablet at the morgue-wall, where he'll sleep away his thirty-year-and-one-day term", or "remodeling", which means having entire memory wiped. His father chooses remodeling. DiFool soon begins to investigate the mystery of disappearance of the children of prostitutes, something he shouldn't find out. Before the Incal.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Death of Stalin

On the night of March the 2nd, 1953, Joseph Stalin, the Nation’s Father, the man who reigned as the absolute master of all Russians, had a stroke. He was announced dead two days later. Two days of fierce infighting for the supreme power, two days that sum up all the insanity, depravity and inhumanity of totalitarianism. Based on real events, Fabien Nury and Thierry Robin have created a dazzling book, with devastating and cruel humor and a gripping portrait of a dictatorship plunged into madness. A fascinating and well-researched graphic novel about the USSR under Stalin. The Death of Stalin.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Death to the Tsar

Moscow, September 17, 1904. In front of the palace of Moscow Governor General, a crowd revolted by the misery brandished sticks, stones and rotten vegetables. Balcony, Governor Sergei Alexandrovich loose his handkerchief. Premeditated or involuntary movement? Regardless, it is the signal: the soldiers fired into the crowd. In a volatile political context, where the people organizing to fight against the autocratic regime, this episode sign the death warrant of the Grand Duke.
Death to the Tsar, Volume 2: The terrorist succeeds the governor. Fabien Nury imagined a mirror after the first volume. Exit the imperial court and existential doubts Sergei Alexandrovich, the action now takes place on the other side of society, among diehard revolutionaries! If the scenario described with a wealth of details the organization of the cell and the ABC daily perfect little bomber, is the personality of the leader of the gang that dominates the narrative. The man is cold, calculating and ruthless. In addition, unlike its target anxious, he is confident and all the time in control. To reach his goal, he is ready for all the resources and all the sacrifices. A fanatic some would say, a professional would underline others. Ironically and still resonate with the first story, he is alone and is suspicious of everyone (even his associates).

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Fourth Power

The odyssey of Exether Mega, a young military pilot caught up in an interplanetary conflict between humans — under the banner of the Planetary United States — and the Krommiums. After narrowly escaping an attack by an enemy patrol, Mega begins a perilous journey across enemy lines. Through a series of encounters —with both friends and foes — Mega discovers she's at the center of a complex, secret experiment to create the ultimate weapon of war. As further clues to her role, identity, and destiny are revealed to her, the powers that be ramp up their efforts to capture her. 
A spectacular and riveting space opera by the creator of Leo Roa and the illustrator of The Metabarons saga. The Fourth Power. A powerful cocktail of science fiction, humor, and social criticism written and drawn by the artist of The Metabarons: Juan Gimenez!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cromwell Stone

Cromwell Stone - French series comic by Andreas Martens , published by the publishing house Delcourt in the years 1984-2004.
Series takes place over several decades, the first half of the twentieth century. Cromwell Stone is one of the passengers of the ship released into the wild after learning it by rebellious crew. It turns out, however, that in the coming years dies under mysterious circumstances, most of the survivors. Stone senses, that may be the next.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Legend of the Changeling

Dartmoore, 19th century. Rich London industrial redeem this millennium moor, forcing farmers into exile, like the young Scrubby and his family. But the boy is an heir to the "little people" and the wonderful will follow the London suburbs to the black bottom of the mine. Screenplay: Pierre Dubois | Design: Xavier Fourquemin. Legend of the Changeling.
In the forests of the heath Dartmoore, hiding many secrets lurk and legendary creatures inaccessible who can not open his eyes. But Scrubby is not one of them. Child fairies, switched at birth with a small man, he received the wonderful legacy. And if soon he must leave his forest to the jungle that is the London of the nineteenth century, its forest.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Gipsy (in some translations spelled as "Gypsy") is a French science fiction comic series drawn by Italian-Swiss artist Enrico Marini and written by Thierry Smolderen. The eponymous main character is a charismatic Roma truck driver who works on a worldwide net of motorways as a freelance trader with his own large truck.
The series is drawn in a style that combines elements from the ligne claire school, American comics, and Japanese manga, and was first published in 1992 by Dargaud. It has six volumes so far published as of 2010. It has also been translated from the original French to German, Dutch, Danish and English, and rights have been sold in multiple other languages.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Redwin son of Ulrog, grew up with a loving father and attentive to his learning to forge. But once admired by all, Ulrog does not want to create rune weapons. From that day, the blacksmith became Ulrog Ulrog Coward. Humiliated, enraged, Redwin is desperate to get away from his father and become a lord of the runes: the master blacksmith and master fighter around the Forge. 
Against the will of his father, he went to the fortress-state find his uncle, a Venerable of the College who agreed to teach her fighting and forge weapons. Yet his victories bring him no peace, no rest, on the contrary, his hatred for his father grows day by day. Devoured by his own anger, Redwin become lord of the runes. Far from being a culmination, it will be the beginning of a long ordeal. Dwarves. Scenario: Jarry, Nicolas. Design: CRETY Stephane.

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Initially, we would say that they are not like us. Secondly, it happens that it is rather we who are not like them. They, the Raptors, who hold the power, arrogance of wealth, the memory of past centuries. it is only when the danger becomes clearer that the Raptors will react. At the risk of tipping while. A comic by Jean Dufaux and Enrico Marini.
They had the power, they dominated the city, the world. Order reigned their order. And then they arrived. The brother, sister. Raptors. Dressed leather. Slipping into the night, spreading disorder. States until blood. The ancestral power, remained intact. Then the master of the city is concerned. He has reason to worry. He, his immortal race until then, discovers their first deaths, their first victims.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ken Games

Their names Pierre Fermat, Thierry Jean-Feuille aka TJ and Anne Parilou. They are friends. The exterior of their lives seems smooth and controlled by line: Pierre is a mathematician with a promising future, TJ own banker on him and Anne dream of a teacher who write stories for children. The truth is that each of them has its not always disreputable secrets and cultivates the art of lying with talent! A game obviously dangerous but truth is not always good to say. Ken Games. Script: José Robledo | Drawing: Marcial Toledano.
Pierre and TJ are friends since college. Peter has trouble making ends meet and spends his time between small day jobs, boxing training and college where he took mathematics studies somehow. TJ, who has a good situation in a bank, is devoted increasingly to his passion: poker. As for Anne, his girlfriend, it teaches and dream of writing novels for children. But everyone hides a shameful part of his life in a game of pretense dangerous and confusing any truth is not always good to say!

Friday, December 16, 2016


Vidocq is an adventure series created in 1965 by Hans Kresse for the weekly “PEP”. Eugene Francois Vidocq is a historical character who lived in France and (nowadays) Belgium. He worked for the police of Paris and is regarded as "The First Detective". His life inspired books, movies, theatre plays and comics (not only by Kresse).

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ordinary Victories

Marco left Vélizy for the campaign. He left his psychiatrist because he finds that he's better. He left his job to see because he is tired of photographing "exotic people dead or about to become so." Apart from that, everything's fine. He has an accomplice brother (laughs and big firecrackers) who calls George and vice versa, because of John Malkovich, who said in Of Mice and Men: "I'll have a little bunny and I'll call George, and I keep against my heart. "He has relatives in the sea. A wizened dad forgets the present but remembers well the color of the dress her mother on the day of her wedding. A mom who cares for him, his constipation, his future and lung cancer that will surely caught, as the son of Mrs. Bergerin. After an affectionate spree (and exhausting) in parents, he finds the silence of his small house in the countryside, and her cat (named Adolf because of a character "asserted"), which is carved up by the big dog of an asshole hunter. On this occasion, he met Emilia, veterinarian by profession, and a nice old man who picks blackberries. That makes him a love and a friend. But now everything is falling apart: Emilia starts wanting distressing things (to share with him a house and a baby), and past the disgusting sweet little old suddenly emerges. Marco crack. And the cruelty and stupidity ended destroy his world, he hits bottom. Allowing it to go up. "I still have many things to clear up if I do not want to be reincarnated as a manhole cover," he said, citing his delicate relations with women. It will avoid the manhole cover: it will do just enough to find Emily.
"This is the story of a tired photographer, a patient girl, mundane horrors and a painful cat" written Larcenet. It is also perfectly controlled scenario, funny - this funny accessory that avoids the irony - and tender, in total harmony with hypersensitive drawing happiness and distress. (Not to mention the cat or Emilia, any couch is cute.) The ordinary combat, light and moving story of rebirth, is the album most personal Larcenet. Ordinary Victories.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Esteban is twelve years. This young Indian ocean dream, adventure. He managed to board a whaler, diretion: Cape Horn! Cape Horn. One of the most dangerous endtroits the globe. But also the road on which people go for whale from one ocean to another. Twelve years. It's just when is faced with a sea monster. A comic by Matthieu Bonhomme.
Esteban has something to prove to the world. On the latest advice of his mother, he managed to enlist the Leviathan whale hunting off Cape Horn. Seeking recognition, it will attract the sympathy of the captain and crew share with the rigor of a convict's life. Esteban knows he will become a great harpooner. From its 12 years, he is waiting for an opportunity to prove it! Matthew Bonhomme us to discover a profession, a time, and one of the harshest regions in the world. Through the journey of initiation that will make a man Esteban, the author places the details that filled the lives of these exceptional men. Far from the archetypal gruff and low sea front, we find a crew welded around its captain. Let them be thrown into the sea of spite or in search of mystical challenges, these men are as many individuals in the past that are seemingly loaded. Matthew Bonhomme we described in sentimental occasion during a vigil illuminated by the theatrics of the captain.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Alter Ego

Thriller with multiple entries, narrative puzzle? Deploying six-part, Alter Ego reads, interprets and understands itself as an enigma to six keys. Six albums, six heroes, six perspectives. Each album is an adventure that takes us around the world, including international conspiracy, scientific discovery and struggle for freedom. To produce this series, director Pierre-Paul Renders gathered around him a studio, as the new American TV series, or in the heyday of Tintin. 
This is a team of nine people who worked together between Belgium, France, Spain and Italy, thanks to the magic of the net: a creative writer (Pierre-Paul Renders), screenwriter (Denis Lapière), a designer artistic director (Mathieu Reynes), four designers (Benjamin Benéteau Luca Erbetta, Efa, Emil Zuga), a colorist (Albertine Slow Motion) and his assistant. Together they offer the Franco-Belgian series fans a terrific thriller 360 pages. Alter Ego.