Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mortensen's Escapades

On a dark and stormy night, a book collector shows Mortensen the prize of his collection: an illuminated manuscript from 1512. When Mortensen sees a painting of an airplane on one of its pages, he knows he has a mystery to unravel. With a zap from his time gun, he travels back to medieval Scotland to look for clues. A wise scribe and a mute witch help him on his adventure, but neither of them can answer his question: how did an airplane crash land in the Middle Ages?


Mortensen's Escapades 1. The Mysterious Manuscript (Digital) (Graphic Universe).cbr | 32.94 MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/wDRFgE
Mortensen's Escapades 2. The Santa Fe Jail (Digital) (Graphic Universe).cbr | 34.19 MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/wDRFmM
Mortensen's Escapades 3. The Red Ruby (Digital) (Graphic Universe).cbr | 21.18 MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/wDRFIN
Mortensen's Escapades 4. The Secret Mummy (Digital) (Graphic Universe).cbr | 21.39 MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/wDRFJi

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