Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dance Class

Julie, Luce and Alia are not only the best friends in the world but also share the same passion: Dance. Between two classes of classical and modern, they are also introduced to other styles, especially hip-hop, of which Kader, the seductive young teacher, does not leave them indifferent? Dance Class. A comic by Beka and Crip.
This year, in addition to classical and modern lessons, they learn African dance and discover a new universe, punctuated by the djembes. Nothing like it to let off steam and forget the hassle of everyday life. For if Julie always spins the perfect love with Tim, her beautiful hip-hop dancer, life is less rosy for Luce whose divorced parents show her in all colors.


Dance Class Vol 1 - So You Think You Can Hip Hop (2012) (Digital) (Empire).cbz | 73.84 MB | LINK: http://viid.me/qvbDCM
Dance Class Vol 2 - Romeo & Juliets (2012) (Digital) (Empire).cbz | 70.67 MB | LINK: http://viid.me/qvbF50

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