Monday, March 27, 2017


The time has come when the flowers will die. The time has come when the air will become scarce. The time has come when the work of God will return to the dust. They will build the new Jerusalem. They will sing the magnificat to the glory of the blasphemous god. They will bring forth the false prophet. Then, and only then, will they lick the gaping wound of our fears. Yiu. A Comic by Téhy and Jérôme Renéaume.


Yiu v01 - In Hell (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 140.15 MB | LINK:
Yiu v02 - The Promise I Made to You (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 152.02 MB | LINK:
Yiu v03 - Assassaints (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 180.18 MB | LINK:
Yiu v04 - Pray That She Dies (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 175.38 MB | LINK:
Yiu v05 - The Fall of the Evangelist Empire (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 141.82 MB | LINK:
Yiu v06 - The Apocalypse or the Book of Revelations (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 111.02 MB | LINK:
Yiu v07 - Final Testament (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 119.23 MB | LINK:


  1. I think there are more Yiu volumes:
    1: L'Armée des néo-déchets
    2: Les Résurrections de l'Impure
    3: L'Impératrice des larmes
    4: Et le serment des fils
    5: Exfiltration geisha
    6: L’inquisiteur et la proie
    7: Les forges d'Egothik

    Can these be added? Preferably in English?