Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Non Album Collection 121

The Boys of Sheriff Street (2016)

Amid the tenements and riverfronts of the Lower East Side, twin brothers Max and Morris rule the seedy streets as chieftains of a crew of thieves and hoodlums. Tensions rise when a rival gang encroaches upon their Sheriff Street territory, leading to a wave of violence that threatens to develop into an all-out war. The setting becomes even more explosive when a femme fatale enters the scene and tests the brothers' loyalty to each other. With its moody, atmospheric images of New York City's underworld during the 1930s, this graphic novel conjures up the timeless allure of film noir. The haunting illustrations are the work of French artist Jacques de Loustal, who is also a noted painter and graphic artist. This edition includes a series of the artist's preliminary sketches. Author Jerome Charyn, hailed by New York Newsday as"a contemporary American Balzac," provides a new introduction and translation for the tale, which was originally published in French. Suggested for mature readers.

Sartre (2017)

by Mathilde Ramadier , Anaïs Depommier. An emblematic figure of French literature and philosophy, Sartre was a personality apart: a free thinker and a revolutionary, he was a modern man who refused honors. This book recounts with emotion his political commitment, his writings, his fusional relationship with Simone de Beauvoir, the creation of the existentialist movement, etc.

The Sun, The Idea & Story Without Words (2009)

Three wordless novels by a master, told in 206 Expressionistic woodcuts: The Sun, a struggle with destiny; The Idea, the triumph of an artistic concept over suppression; and Story Without Words, a poignant romance. "So compelling, so deeply felt, so rich in ideas, that one never tires of looking at them." — Thomas Mann.


The Boys of Sheriff Street (2016) (digital) (Minutemen-dask).cbr | 153.55MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/wa5ghE
Sartre (2017) (digital) (Minutemen-dask).cbr | 377.32MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/wa5QsI
The Sun, The Idea & Story Without Words (2009) (digital-SD) (Minutemen-dask).cbr | 17.60MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/wa5hEf

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