Monday, March 5, 2018

Non Album Collection 119

Strip 014 (1990) (MavelUK)

The magazine "Strip", in which the story "The Labyrinth of Death" of The fantastic Storm series by Don Lawrence was published. This is a copy of the Strip Magazine #14 (1990) that features an interview + pictures of Don Lawrence at work.

Modern Speed (2017)

Script by Blutch - Art by Blutch. Modern-day Paris. One night, as she’s leaving rehearsal, Lola, a young dancer, is approached by Renée. She introduces herself as a writer, and asks Lola if she could share her life for a while in order to gather material to write a book about her. Despite not feeling entirely comfortable with the idea, Lola accepts. The very next day, Lola and Renée experience the strangest day of their lives, involving an absent father who reappears at random points throughout the book, a bashful but psychopathic admirer, Omar Shariff, and a huge spider… All this is set against a backdrop of a general power cut, a highly demanding dance class and a very rainy day. In the world of today, where everything goes too quickly, twenty-four hours is sometimes enough to change your life.

Geronimo (2017)

1850, Northern Mexico. On the ancestral lands of the Apaches, yet another massacre. A camp is attacked by Mexican soldiers. Among the victims, the woman, the three children and the mother of a young medicine man renowned for his science and his premonitions: Goyahkla, "the one who yawns". Thirsty for revenge, Goyahkla reunites the various Apache tribes to avenge the village where the massacre took place. The great chefs Cochise, Juh, Mangas Coloradas follow him. In the Homeric fight that will follow, Goyahkla will illustrate himself, win the rank of warrior and a new name: Geronimo. Because the Mexican survivors fleeing invoked St. Jerome. But if Geronimo decided to dedicate his life to revenge on the Mexicans, the arrival of the whites will upset everything. The Apaches have to face an even more numerous and more dangerous enemy, which Geronimo will begin to underestimate. It is a desperate struggle, that Geronimo will lead to the limit of his forces and those of his own, elusive for the US Army. Geronimo was the proverbial Indian, living in communion with nature. He was the repository of the ancestral customs of the Apaches, knew his territory better than anyone, the last free Indian.


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