Thursday, March 29, 2018

Non Album Collection 125

Little Tulip (2016)

A serial killer haunts the city streets, a stalker of isolated women who leaves a Santa Claus hat at the scene of his crimes. Pavel, a Russian émigré, assists the police investigation as a sketch artist. But Pavel's true calling is as a tattoo artist, and the so-called Bad Santa killings conjure up memories of the nightmarish world in which he learned his craft: a Russian prison camp that shattered his childhood and destroyed his family. Shifting between the living hell of a 1940s Siberian gulag and the crime-ridden chaos of New York City during the 1970s, this graphic novel's stunning artwork provides an atmospheric backdrop to its tale of corruption, murder, and revenge. Author Jerome Charyn was acclaimed by The New York Review of Books as "a fearless writer. Brave and brazen." This edition of Little Tulip, which was originally published in French, features Charyn's new English translation. Award-winning illustrator François Boucq also collaborated with Charyn on the acclaimed graphic novels The Magician's Wife and Billy Budd, KGB.

The Cross-Eyed Mutt (2017)

Channeling the gentle absurdity of his Lulu Anew, Davodeau takes readers on a comic romp that questions the nature of high art. Meeting his girlfriend Mathilde’s family for the first time, Fabien is quickly welcomed into the off-kilter clan. When his prospective in-laws discover he’s a security guard at the Louvre, they make a peculiar request: to convince the world’s most famous art museum to accept a thoroughly mediocre painting by their ancestor. Fabien’s attempt to follow through on his mission brings him into contact with the Republic of the Louvre, a secret society that controls the museum’s collection. In the process, Davodeau meanders among questions that have plagued artists for centuries: what differentiates low art from pieces worth millions? Why do we overlook some artists in favor of others? In the end, Davodeau suggests that both sides of the spectrum are equally ridiculous, exquisitely incorporating classical sculptures and oils into his cartooning—but sparing a moment to laugh at his own form, too. - Publisher's Weekly.

French Ice Featuring Carmen Cru 1-5 of 13

French Ice, Featuring Carmen Cru, published in English translation by Renegade Press in 1987. This is a French Canadian comic series about a horrible older woman and how she ruins everything for everyone around here.


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