Thursday, July 5, 2018

Incidents in the Night

In Incidents in the Night David B. sets out to explore the uncharted territories of overflowing and dusty shelves of Paris' legendary book shops. His journey quickly turns into an obsessive vision quest in pursuit of a mysterious nineteenth-century journal: Incidents In the Night. Mountains of books become sites of archeological digs as the author excavates layers of myth, fact and fiction in search of the elusive thread that links them all. Along the way he stumbles on fanatical Bonapartists, occult conspiracies and the angel of death. Incidents in the Night is an intricate, ever-expanding web of dream and reality exquisitely translated by Brian Evenson.


Incidents in the Night 01 (David B.) (fylgja99).cbz | 256.0 MB | LINK:
Incidents in the Night 02 (David B.) (fylgja99).cbz | 252.5 MB | LINK:

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