Monday, July 9, 2018

Non Album Collection 137

The Armed Garden (David B.)

“The Armed Garden,” set in the 15th century, tells the story of the bloody quest for a Paradise on Earth. Rohan, a humble Prague blacksmith, is visited by Adam and Even who urge him lead his followers, soon dubbed “Adamites,” on this mission. They soon must contend, bloodily, with the rival Paradise-seekers the “Taborites,” led by John Zizka.

Hot Rock

June 1969, New York. Fresh out of prison, John Dortmunder is approached to do a heist by one of his former accomplices, Kelp, an expert in stealing cars. The plan is to take advantage of an African Art exhibition to steal its star attraction - an emerald worth half a million dollars. by Lax (Illustrator),  Donald E. Westlake.

Tiny Tyrant 01 - The Ethelbertosaurus (2007)

The Tiny Tyrant returns: bigger and better than ever in our new, kid-friendly format. Though he has a handful of advisors, this miniscule monarch is the one who calls the shots รข€“ demanding to see Santa Claus (to ask if he really has to eat a balanced diet), testing out his new bodyguard by putting a price on his own head, and replacing all the kids in the kingdom with robot doubles of his own royal self!


The Armed Garden (David B.) (fylgja99).cbr | 214.4 MB | LINK:
Hot Rock.cbr | 82.6 MB | LINK:
Tiny Tyrant 01 - The Ethelbertosaurus (2007) (First Second) (Minutemen-DTs).cbz | 40.33 MB | LINK:

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