Sunday, July 15, 2018

Non Album Collection 138

Interiorae (Gabriella Giandelli)

A high-rise apartment building in an unnamed European city. Its inhabitants come and go, meet each other, talk, dream, regret, hope... in short, live. A ghostly, shape-shifting anthropomorphic white rabbit roams from apartment to apartment, surveying and keeping track of all this humanity... and at the end of every night, he floats down to the basement where he delivers his report to the “great dark one.”

Peplum (Blutch)

The man known as Blutch is one of the giants of contemporary comics, and Peplum may be his masterpiece: a grand, strange dream of ancient Rome. At the edge of the empire, a gang of bandits discovers the body of a beautiful woman in a cave; she is encased in ice but may still be alive. One of the bandits, bearing a stolen name and with the frozen maiden in tow, makes his way toward Rome—seeking power, or maybe just survival, as the world unravels.

Stigmata (Lorenzo Mattotti)

Imagine that you were the lowest of the low – a drunkard, a brawler, a fornicator, a desperate hulk of a man… Imagine that the mark of the divine suddenly appeared etched in your flesh, and that your life spiraled into unending horror as a consequence… Imagine that you managed to find a respite from this Hell… and imagine that this respite was short-lived. Legendary cartoonist Lorenzo Mattotti (Fires, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) applies his virtuosic pen to novelist and screenwriter Claudio Piersanti’s gripping fable of good, evil, sacrifice and ultimate redemption. 


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