Saturday, November 19, 2016


The world changes. The quarrels which tore nations are terminated and the administration of President Harmond is no stranger to this welcome development. Former Hawk removed from power, Senator Pershing wants to know the bottom of this upheaval of the international landscape. To find out, he has no choice but to appeal to agents of a very special kind: the pensanguins. Collateral damage of a failed experiment, they are able to read the thoughts of anyone almost! Julian Lethercore is one of them. And he will not have too much of his gift for understanding what is happening. ONE. Screenplay: Sylvain Cordurié | Design: Zivorad Radivojevic.
Today, a woman waits in a downpour that a friend comes home and she imposes on her porch. Man welcomes and invites it to dry off when the woman discovered under his raincoat an explosive belt ... it clicks. The media immediately turns Info: Delade the biologist was killed in an attack. Hearing the news, community members "reluctant" recluse living in a military camp guarded by watchtowers, worry and plan the escape. A few days later, it was the turn of the CIA director perish under a rocket "white cross" extremist group rampant on American soil. The country's president, Democrat Harmond, gives orders to finish with neo-Nazis and the reluctant. In New York, Julian Lethercope happens when in his last evening with his girlfriend, journalist at the Daily Newyorker. The next day, it is required for a top-secret mission that only he can perform. For Lethercope is not an ordinary man, he is a "pensanguin" since it has been in contact with simple organic molecule to a third party, he can read his thoughts. He shares this "superpower" with a handful of guinea pigs suffering the biological program "Pocket" in the 90.


ONE – T1 – With Just One Breath (Quentin-Choky-Onairam).cbr | 51.2 MB | LINK:
ONE - T2 - The Oblivion of Self (Quentin-Choky-Onairam).cbr | 50.9 MB | LINK:
ONE - T3 - Fractions (Quentin-Choky-Onairam).cbr | 92.7 MB | LINK:

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