Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin

Fitz is the illegitimate son of Prince Chivalry, heir to the kingdom of the Six Duchies. Led to the fortress of Loinvoyants while he was still a child, he was entrusted to the master of the stables such a bastard offspring of little importance. Until King Subtle notices and decides to make his personal assassin.
Next in great secrecy the Umbre education who introduced the complex intricacies of the court, he trained at the Art Magic yet booked pureblood, under the yoke of cruel Galen who will constantly remind him his condition. Fitz begins for a long initiation bumpy, object against his shenanigans he tries, despite his young age, understand the issues. Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin. A comic by Jean-Charles Gaudin and Laurent Sieurac.


Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin _01 (2008) (FitzFoolio).cbr | 35.1 MB | LINK:
Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin #02 (2009) (FitzFoolio).cbr | 53.16 MB | LINK:


Assassin Royal - T01 - Le Batard.cbr | 21 MB | LINK:
Assassin Royal - T02 - L'Art.cbr | 23 MB | LINK:
Assassin Royal - T03 - Kettricken.cbr | 25 MB | LINK:
Assassin Royal - T04 - Molly.cbr | 21 MB | LINK:
Assassin Royal - T05 - Complot.cbr | 23 MB | LINK:
Assassin royal - Tome 6 : Oeil-de-nuit.rar | 132,16 MB | LINK:
Assassin Royal - Tome 7.cbr | 117 MB | LINK:


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  2. Thank you o much for this!
    What about The Liveship Traders comics of Robin Hobb? Would be nice to see also!

  3. any idea when new eng volumes will be uploaded?