Friday, November 18, 2016


Pandala is a peaceful island where a tragedy occurs: the village of Pandawas is attacked and destroyed. Following this tragic event, a panda, the only survivor of the village, hand in an initiatory quest. Faced with the fauna of this vast island, its goal is to find those responsible for the carnage. Full of discoveries and encounters adventure begins for him. The action takes place on Pandala an island DOFUS World, populated by the people of Pandawas. A comic Tot and Bertrand Hottin.


Pandala v1 (2007) (Digital HD) (Hourman-DCP).cbr | 130.42MB | LINK:
Pandala v2 (2008) (Digital HD) (Hourman-DCP).cbr | 127.81 MB | LINK:


Pandala T01 (2007).cbr | 130.24 MB | LINK:
Pandala T02 (2008).cbr | 32.57 MB | LINK:
Pandala T03 (2009).cbr | 33.46 MB | LINK:


Pandala - Dofus 01.cbr | 34 MB | LINK:
Pandala - Dofus 02.cbr | 49 MB | LINK:
Pandala - Dofus 03.cbr | 32 MB | LINK:

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