Sunday, November 20, 2016

The New Tsars

1991, the Soviet Union is no more. Nevertheless, with the exception of the countries of Eastern Europe, all states that become "independent" remain under Moscow's benevolent influence. This fragmentation greatly favours the emergence of the Russian Mafia. Just think about it this way : Russian political figures at the highest levels are corrupt, colluding with disillusioned military leaders in search of money, and all of them having dealings with the Chechen rebellion. If we add an investigation conducted by members of the FSB (ex-KGB) to the cauldron and stir. Graphically, Jean-Yves Delitte offers us a classic design. The line is simple and the colour layout highlights the gray and cold of Russian winters. The New Tsars.
Yuri Vladimir is a forty-something. A highly qualified physicist who performed his military service in the Soviet Army, he left the Soviet Union for Europe in the late 80s and was soon recruited by a NATO nuclear control office. He is regularly sent to Russia to oversee the dismantling of nuclear weapons. During one of these stays, he witnesses a conspiracy and becomes a marked man.


The New Tsars : 01 - The Hunt is On.rar | 72.21 MB | LINK:
The New Tsars : 02 - Blast Shock (2005, Delitte) (2016, Scanlation).rar | 74.98 MB | LINK:
The New Tsars : 03 - The Madmen of Baku.rar | 79 MB | LINK:
The New Tsars : 04 - Revolution, Revolution (2007, Delitte) (2016, Scanlation).cbr | 84.30 MB | LINK:


Les nouveaux Tsars - Tome 01 - La chasse est ouverte.cbr | 38.37 MB | LINK:
Les nouveaux Tsars - Tome 02 - L'effet blast.cbr | 39.91 MB | LINK:
Les nouveaux Tsars - Tome 03 - Les fous de Bakou.cbr | 50.78 MB | LINK:
Les nouveaux Tsars - Tome 04 - Révolution, révolution.cbr | 52.78 MB | LINK:

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