Saturday, December 24, 2016

Death to the Tsar

Moscow, September 17, 1904. In front of the palace of Moscow Governor General, a crowd revolted by the misery brandished sticks, stones and rotten vegetables. Balcony, Governor Sergei Alexandrovich loose his handkerchief. Premeditated or involuntary movement? Regardless, it is the signal: the soldiers fired into the crowd. In a volatile political context, where the people organizing to fight against the autocratic regime, this episode sign the death warrant of the Grand Duke.
Death to the Tsar, Volume 2: The terrorist succeeds the governor. Fabien Nury imagined a mirror after the first volume. Exit the imperial court and existential doubts Sergei Alexandrovich, the action now takes place on the other side of society, among diehard revolutionaries! If the scenario described with a wealth of details the organization of the cell and the ABC daily perfect little bomber, is the personality of the leader of the gang that dominates the narrative. The man is cold, calculating and ruthless. In addition, unlike its target anxious, he is confident and all the time in control. To reach his goal, he is ready for all the resources and all the sacrifices. A fanatic some would say, a professional would underline others. Ironically and still resonate with the first story, he is alone and is suspicious of everyone (even his associates).


Death to the Tsar 001 - The Governor (2015) (Europe Comics) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 30.81MB | LINK:
Death to the Tsar 002 - The Terrorist (2016) (Europe Comics) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 51.63MB | LINK:


Mort au Tsar - Tome 1 - Le Gouverneur.cbr | 30.2 MB | LINK:
Mort au Tsar - Tome 2 - Le Terroriste.cbr | 27.8 MB | LINK:

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