Sunday, December 18, 2016


Initially, we would say that they are not like us. Secondly, it happens that it is rather we who are not like them. They, the Raptors, who hold the power, arrogance of wealth, the memory of past centuries. it is only when the danger becomes clearer that the Raptors will react. At the risk of tipping while. A comic by Jean Dufaux and Enrico Marini.
They had the power, they dominated the city, the world. Order reigned their order. And then they arrived. The brother, sister. Raptors. Dressed leather. Slipping into the night, spreading disorder. States until blood. The ancestral power, remained intact. Then the master of the city is concerned. He has reason to worry. He, his immortal race until then, discovers their first deaths, their first victims.


Raptors 001 (2015) (Europe Comics) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 27.29MB | LINK:
Raptors 002 (2016) (Europe Comics) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 72.64MB | LINK:
Raptors 003 (2016) (Europe Comics) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 75.03MB | LINK:
Raptors 004 (2016) (Europe Comics) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 59.66MB | LINK:


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