Friday, December 30, 2016


Hombre is a Spanish comics series written by Antonio Segura and drawn by José Ortiz, first published in 1981 in the magazine Cimoc. A post-apocalyptic series, Hombre is set on Earth after the collapse of the technological civilization. The protagonist moves through the scenery in the manner of a desillusioned solitary survivor, with hidden traces of humanity despite the widespread loss of humanity in most people he encounters, and always with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth. Though the plot is compared with that of Jeremiah, Hombre does not share the underlying motif of hope and survival of mankind of the former.
Created during the resurgence of Spanish comics in the years after the fall of Franco, Segura wrote Bogey and Orka in the same period, though it was Hombre in collaboration with Ortiz that would prove the most successful. After its initial run in Cimoc, Segura and Ortiz brought Hombre to the magazine KO Comics, one of the three magazines the artists' publishing cooperative Metropol produced during its short existence in 1984. After Metropol ceased business, Hombre relocated to the pages of Cimoc for a second run. The Spanish album releases were published by Norma Editorial. Enjoying popularity in France, the series was printed in albums by publishers Kesselring, Magic Strip and Soleil Productions. English language translations of the series appeared in Heavy Metal during the 1980s and 1990s. In Italy, it appeared starting from 1982 in the magazine Lanciostory.


Hombre T1 - The Shadow of Despair - Antonio Segura.cbz | 21.21MB | LINK:
Hombre T2 - The Ultimate Enemy - Antonio Segura.cbr | 23.11MB | LINK:
Hombre T3 - Attila - Antonio Segura.cbr | 21.86MB | LINK:
Hombre T4 - Attila and the Seven Dwarves - Antonio Segura.cbr | 22.83MB | LINK:
Hombre T5 - The Vultures - Antonio Segura.cbr | 22.00MB | LINK:
Hombre - Genesis - T01 - A Concrete Tomb (Soleil 1993) (JJO&S-Prime).cbr | 19.27MB | LINK:
Hombre - Genesis - T02 - The Valley of Vengeance (Soleil 1993) (JJ_O&S).cbr | 20.32MB | LINK:
Hombre - Genesis - T03 - The Hunter (Soleil 1993) (JJ_O&S).cbr | 30.40MB | LINK:


  1. Excellent series. Note: There's three more volumes called "Hombre- Genesis T01 - T03."

  2. There are also 2 more volumes, the first ones, Une Humanité Errante and L'Heritage de l'Humanité, do you have them?
    Thank you.