Monday, December 5, 2016

The Way of the Lord

It's about the New Year Mil longships that Leif Eriksonn reach a new land. In this terra incognita, Vinland Vikings bring back the card describing their journey. A scroll that will change the destiny of Christianity. The Bible says it not that man was expelled from paradise far east of Eden. Many are the fanatics who try to seize what could be the way to their redemption. Thus the map of the new world was to change the face of the old. 
Guillaume would he have won this battle if, by the fury of his brother Odo, a certain branch of the Church had not done everything possible to remove that card to the King of Hardrada Vikings? Betrayal, power relics (unless these are only happy accidents) are planned for the biggest battle in the history of the Middle Ages. The Way of the Lord. A comic by Fabrice David and Jaime Calderon.


The Way of the Lord T01 - Hastings (Dragonz-Onairam-Choky-Tanim).cbr | 69.34MB | LINK:
The Way of the Lord T02 - Milles Christi (Dragonz-Choky-Onairam-Tanim).cbr | 76.87MB | LINK:
The Way of the Lord 03 - 1307 The Process (2011).cbr | 82.26MB | LINK:


Voies du seigneur (Les) - T01 - 1066 Hastings.cbr | 26 MB | LINK:
Voies du Seigneur (Les) - T02 - 1119 - Miles Christi.cbr | 8 MB | LINK:
Voies du Seigneur (Les) - T03 - 1307 Le procès.cbz | 31 MB | LINK:
Voies du Seigneur (Les) - T04 - 1491 Eden.cbr | 121 MB | LINK:


Los caminos del Señor - Hastings.cbr | 21 MB | LINK:
Los caminos del Señor – Miles Christi (Tomo 2).cbr | 60.3 MB | LINK:


  1. By the way, here's the final volume of the French series:
    Voies du Seigneur (Les) - T04 - 1491 Eden

    Thanks for an awesome site!

    1. Hi. Links have been added. Thank you my friend :)