Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bell's Theorem

Bell's Theorem (original German title Die Wahrheit über Shelby, lit. "The Truth about Shelby") is a three-volume science-fiction horror graphic novel by German comic artist Matthias Schultheiss that originally published between 1985 and 1988. It was Schultheiss's breakthrough work as a graphic novel artist. The title references Bell's theorem from quantum mechanics.
It first appeared under the French title Le théorème de Bell in serialized form in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine L'Écho des savanes from 1985 onwards, before being published as three standalone volumes in Germany and France. It has been published in English (with a translation by Tom Leighton) as Bell's Theorem by Catalan Communications, with the English-language volumes titled Lifer, The Connection, and Contact, respectively.


Bell's Theorem 01 (1987 GN) (Pudgy).cbr | 41.21 MB | LINK:
Bell's Theorem 02 (1989 GN) (Pudgy.cbr | 42.95 MB | LINK:
Bell's Theorem 03 (1989 GN) (Pudgy).cbr | 39.44 MB | LINK:

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