Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cornelius Shiel

No one knows who is actually Cornelius Shiel. Oscar Wilde himself tried to meet him, unsuccessfully. Yet it is to an insignificant New York journalist at the beginning of his career that the most intriguing man of the end of the nineteenth century chooses to entrust the writing of his memoirs: an appalling narrative, Shake the strongest minds ... a narrative recounting the memories of an agent of evil. Screenplay: Mallet, Patrick
Drawing: Evangelisti, Patrizio.
Why did the enigmatic Cornelius Shiel choose Hector Travis, a talented writer, to write his memoirs? This is what attracts much attention, starting with that - at least supported - of those men who seem to know perfectly the new resident Gilset. Without knowing it Hector has just penetrated Hell! With this introductory album, Patrick Mallet skilfully uses the artifice of memories to deliver a double narrative. Thus he structured his scenario around two epochs, that of a man born magician in 1676 and that, more contemporary, of the sorcerer that he became. Beyond this narrative bias that avoids a too classic linearity and brings some originalities to a theme already dealt with many times, the author of Ahab abstained from all Manichaeism and made the boundary between Good and Evil a line Of the best held that it is easy to cross, in one direction as in the other!


Cornelius Shiel v1 The Princess of the Abyss (2013) (Sosich).cbr | 50.43 MB | LINK:
Cornelius Shiel v2 The Kiss of Judas (2015) (Sosich).cbr | 71.15 MB | LINK:
Cornelius Shiel v3 Abraham's Sacrifice (2016) (Sosich).cbr | 54.22 MB | LINK:

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