Monday, April 3, 2017


2297. Man has invaded and colonized most of our galaxy. At the edge of the Milky Way, a team of excavators discovers a mysterious sarcophagus buried in the bowels of an arid planet. On Earth, astronomers from an observatory in South America spot a mysterious cosmic ray, suddenly emerging from the Magellanic Cloud, a minor galaxy in orbit around ours. Soon after, the lunar base breaks all contact with the Earth. A team of scientists and soldiers is sent to the scene, she discovers an apocalyptic spectacle. Men and women kissed each other. 
The Consortium, which exploits the mineral resources of the planets, decides to bring back the strange sarcophagus to Earth and study its secrets. What's in it? Is it a vestige of an extraterrestrial civilization? Eternum. Story: Bec, Christophe. Design: Jaouen.


Eternum 01 - The Sarcophagus (2015) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 85.05 MB | LINK:
Eternum 02 - The Builders (2016) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 78.78 MB | LINK:
Eternum 03 - Eve (2017) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 71.62 MB | LINK:

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