Monday, June 12, 2017


The Borgias is an audacious, pretentious retelling of the wrath of Rodrigo Borgia and his family. It’s hyper-sexualized. It’s indulgently violent. It’s shocking for simply the sake of awing the readers in its ludicrousness. Regardless of whatever truth lies behind the history of the real Borgias family, the tone by which Jodorowsky handles his subjects is histrionic and unamusing. At best, The Borgias is a soap opera of a graphic novel, with all of the the same non-shocking twists and turns of closeted homosexuality, incest, murder, and love triangles. Written by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Art by Milo Manara.


Borgia 01 - Blood for the Pope.cbr | 34.72MB | LINK:
Borgia 02 - The Power and The Incest.cbr | 38.81MB | LINK:
Borgia 03 - The Flames of The Pyre.cbr | 26.47MB | LINK:
Borgia 04 - The Price of Vanity (2011) (2 Covers) (Dragonz-DMT-Choky27).cbr | 46.26MB | LINK:

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