Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Four Voyages of John Seaseeker

The Four Voyages of John Seaseeker (Les quatre voyages de Juan Buscamares) is a comic by FĂ©lix Vega.
On a desiccated ocean, captains to stranded ships engaged in an antiquated and murderous battle. Juan is driving a Chenille truck. He collects in the desert Alleluia, a superb young girl whom his family prostitutes for a little water.


John Seaseeker T01 - The Water (english scanlation) (Team-BDS-DCP).cbr | 50.65MB | LINK:
John Seaseeker T02 - The Air (English Scanlation) (Team-BDS-DCP).cbr | 69.11MB | LINK:
John Seaseeker 03 - The Earth.cbr | 17.46MB | LINK:

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