Thursday, June 22, 2017

Little Vampire

There are three stories in the new Little Vampire collection. In the first, the little vampire makes friends with a living boy, Michael. In the second, the two overcome a bully. In the third, they protect a pack of dogs. If those sound simplistic, they should. The stories spun by the French cartoonist Joann Sfar are quite basic in structure. The monsters inhabiting little vampire’s home are more frightening and gruesome than cute. One monster is obsessed with poop and even pushes around a wheelbarrow full of it (which eventually becomes a minor plot point). In the story of the bully, the monsters actually kidnap and eat the bully that has terrorized Michael (acting out Michael’s dark fantasies). The story then becomes about using ghostly powers to return the bully to life.


Little Vampire 01 Little Vampire Goes To School (Joan Sfar) (Simon & Schuster Books 2003).cbr | 65.77MB | LINK:
Little Vampire 02 Little Vampire Does Kung-Fu (Joan Sfar) (Simon & Schuster Books 2003).cbr | 66.81MB | LINK:

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