Sunday, June 18, 2017

Echo of Futurepast

In 1984, comic book legend Neal Adams decided to launch his own comics company, Continuity Publishing, with the anthology title, Echo of Futurepast. Echo was an anthology title in the vein of Heavy Metal and Epic Illustrated, featuring lush fully-colored artwork and often incomprehensible stories. In fact, at least one of the features in the first issue had previously appeared in a slightly different form in Heavy Metal. Echo of Futurepast was extraordinarily expensive, but it featured high-quality paper (the second issue is printed on the same kind of glossy paper you saw in high-end magazines) and full-process color. Unfortunately, the coloring itself was inconsistent. And if the book hadn’t featured reprinted material for around half its contents, it might have been even more expensive. 
Leading off the first issue was “Bucky O’Hare,” a funny-animals-in-space feature written by Larry Hama (perhaps best known for his long run writing Marvel’s G.I. Joe) with art by fan favorite Michael Golden. You may notice some similarities between Bucky and Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon, who starred in a Marvel miniseries the next year and will be featured in Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the big-screen Marvel epics due out next year. However, Rocket Raccoon actually came out first, debuting in 1976.


Echo of Futurepast 001 (Continuity 1984).cbr | 19.5 MB | LINK:
Echo of Futurepast 002 (Continuity 1984).cbr | 23.5 MB | LINK:
Echo of Futurepast 003 (Continuity 1984).cbr | 22.0 MB | LINK:
Echo of Futurepast 004 (Continuity 1985).cbr | 21.6 MB | LINK:
Echo of Futurepast 005 (Continuity 1985).cbr | 19.6 MB | LINK:
Echo of Futurepast 006 (Continuity 1985).cbr | 19.5 MB | LINK:
Echo of Futurepast 007 (Continuity 1985).cbr | 20.5 MB | LINK:
Echo of Futurepast 008 (Continuity 1985).cbr | 20.5 MB | LINK:
Echo of Futurepast 009 (Continuity 1986).cbr | 20.4 MB | LINK:

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