Thursday, February 1, 2018

Non Album Collection 108


At the age of five, Vercingetorix saw his father sentenced to death by his family for having dared claim to be king of the Gallic peoples. Nourished by the same ambition, the young Arverne learned military discipline by completing his classes with the powerful Roman army. Back in Gaul, he deploys his military talent and eloquence to unite the Gallic tribes and repel the Roman invader. Proud, courageous, disciplined and ingenious, Vercingetorix is ​​one of his most formidable adversaries for the famous legions. But, without ceasing, he is confronted with a more formidable strategist: Julius Caesar ... Discover the campaigns of this first mythical hero of the History of France whose Gallic War, story of propaganda to the glory of Caesar, is the only one existing written source.

Wally Gropius (2010)

Written & Illustrated By: Tim Hensley. Published By: Fantagraphics. The first great comic of the Great Recession. Tim Hensley’s breakout graphic novel, previously serialized in the Mome anthology, seems like a send-up of silly ’60s teen-comedy and kid-millionaire comics on the surface, but beneath lies as odd and accurate a cri de coeur about capitalism and consumerism as I’ve ever read. It also does things with body language I’ve never seen in comics, and is funny as hell to boot. There’s nothing else out there like it.

Suite Française: Storm in June (Irène Némirovsky & Emmanuel Moynot) (2015)

Suite Francaise, an extraordinary novel about village life in France just as it was plunged into chaos with the German invasion of 1940, was a publishing sensation ten years ago; Irene Nemirovsky completed the two-volume book, part of a planned larger series, in the early 1940s before she was arrested in France and eventually sent to Auschwitz, where she died. The notebook containing the novels was preserved by her daughters but not examined until 1998; it was finally published in France in 2004 and became a huge international bestseller, including in North America, where it has sold over 1 million copies. This dramatic and stirring graphic novel, translated from the French and faithful to the spirit of Nemirovsky's story, focuses on Book 1, entitled "Storm in June," in which a disparate group of Paris citizens flees the city ahead of the advancing German troops. However, their orderly plans to escape are eclipsed by the chaos spreading across the country, and their sense of civility and well-being is replaced by a raw desire to survive.


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