Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Non Album Collection 114

Marie Curie - The Radium Fairy (2016)

Marie Curie is the only woman ever to have received two Nobel prizes: the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903, shared with her husband, Pierre Curie, and the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for her work with polonium and radium in 1911. She was also the first woman ever to teach at the Sorbonne. This inspired comic is set at the time she received her second Nobel Prize, when a vicious press campaign was launched against her, denouncing her affair with the physician Paul Langevin. Through her flash-backs, we're invited to witness the key moments of this exceptional woman's life and work.

Fragments of Femininity (2017) (digital-Empire)

This is a collection of portraits of 7 women, of all different ages, backgrounds, circumstances and eras. Each one of them is facing a defining moment in her life. They are bound together by the symbol of their femininity: their breasts. We see an awkward college girl getting to grips with her womanhood; a 1960s house-wife freeing herself from the restraints of propriety; the manager of a small underwear shop fighting against corporate giants; a woman nude modeling for an unexpected reason… Love, illness, sex, liberation, sensuality: Olivier Pont draws us into the lives of these women with astounding force.

Today is the Last Day of the Rest Your Life (2013)

This starts out as a slightly dull memoir of a teenage punk runaway and the squatting scene in Europe, but the story steadily grows stranger and more compelling as Ulli and a female friend head south from Vienna into the heart of Sicily. The book is well observed throughout and there a few beatific moments where the story dilates beyond the consciousness of the narrator. But what will stick with me are Ulli's numerous encounters with Italian men who willfully refuse to understand the word "no." She's one of the few women openly walking the streets in small Sicilian towns and as a foreigner she's viewed as a prostitute by males of all ages and backgrounds. Her Italian boyfriend refuses to help when his buddy rapes her one evening in his bedroom. Her female friend tries to pimp her out to make a few bucks. And so on. The book downplays these horrific scenes as part of a larger quest for self knowledge, but they still paint a convincing and convicting portrait of an entire culture in the grip of psychosis.


Marie Curie - The Radium Fairy (2016) (digital-Empire).cbr | 103.8 MB | LINK: http://destyy.com/waU8Mr
Fragments of Femininity (2017) (digital-Empire).cbr | 146.3 MB | LINK: http://destyy.com/waU6tG
Today is the Last Day of the Rest Your Life (2013) (digital-Empire).cbz | 382.27 MB | LINK: http://destyy.com/waI0IM


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